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So i went to Crri on Feb 1 at around 9:00am to summit my application for the fall semester, this will be my second time, hopefully i get in!!! How many times did you applied before getting in?... Read More

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    Quote from Taya92
    Thanks for the Nursing assessment info! I signed up! Also it let me register for Nurs 1010 as well
    Glad you got signed up, hope it helps! I was really hoping to take it, but, due to the timing and my work schedule I couldn't. Make sure to leave us any pointers you have. Good luck and enjoy the class!
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    Yay I signed up for nursing 1 its starting to feel real now ; )
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    Omg I just read kldepp08 I wrote mine without seeing your .I feel like I am dreaming right now !! Nursing 1010 here we go
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    Hello!! I officially enrolled in Nursing 1010 at the Newport Campus...anyone else out there going to Newport?? I am so excited to take on this challenge! Good luck to everyone and look forward to meeting everyone at orientation!
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    Im going to the Newport campus!
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    You guys..........they still haven't made decisions on ultrasound. Wow
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    hi, anyone received the packet from ccri or heard the date for the orientation. I am enrolled at the providence campus. By the way I have enjoyed the conversations and hope everyone does well in their program.
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    Hi I heard back today after wondering , I asked about orientation I was told we should get package soon and that orientation is may 20 @1 pm in warwick I just don't know If that's only for providence or for all of us.
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    I received a packet today with immunization forms, information about financial aid and a paper about a new fee for nursing.. it doesn't have a date/time for the orientation but it says I'll be receiving that soon. Anyone else from Prov. Campus heard anything?

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