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So i went to Crri on Feb 1 at around 9:00am to summit my application for the fall semester, this will be my second time, hopefully i get in!!! How many times did you applied before getting in?... Read More

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    Nevermind! I was able to find it- mine says "incomplete items outstanding". I am now paranoid that I am missing something? Or does everyone's say that?

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    Mine says the same and I'm sure there is nothing incomplete on my end. It must be internal.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have also applied to Lincoln nights. They ran my degree evaluation yesterday and my application status says the same thing. Waiting for another month feels endless! Glad there is a place to reach out to others in the same boat!
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    For students
    Top left corner
    Third one down, check application.
    Click fall 2013
    All your information should be there.
    My application says completed waiting review, some of my friends have incomplete and outstanding. Wondering if this has anything to do with acceptance...let me know please.
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    P.S. My thought process is if it says incomplete and outstanding. It's a good thing, because their entering information in a computer to run perspective applicants. Who knows, but its driving me crazy.
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    I knew I had everything completed so I'm glad other people's are saying the same thing! Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!! Is anyone aware of anything with the points? I know it depends on who applies that semester but I had heard anything above 130 is normally accepted?
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    I am also glad to hear others saying the same thing. I am also hoping incomplete just means that "they" haven't finished entering things in! I know when I turned in my application, the person reviewed everything and said I was all set.... I'm not sure about what point range is chosen. Good luck to everyone!!
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    Moved to the Rhode Island State Nursing Programs forum.
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    Where is that found?
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    I hope I get in I only have 111 points last time I didnt make it they reviewed my application up until the last day

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