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Hi All I am applying to CCRI in Feb for Fall 2011. Can anyone give me an idea what the schedule will be like for Nurs1010. hours / days? I looked on the website but the syllabus that is posted is very confusing to follow...... Read More

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    Emabox- I'm in the same exact boat as you. I'm going to Warwick too. I have not heard anything about an official acceptance.

    Amarilis- How do you know which professor you have? Under my 1010 class it still has about ten different professors listed. Hopefully this official acceptance thing will be cleared up soon, I feel like there's so many "what ifs" to this application process.
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    I don't know if Norquist will be my professor... I did a search on mostly all the professors on rate my and I wasn't able to find Norquist. I'm curious to know what kind of professor she is.
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    Norquist is the Head of Nursing 1010, you don't actually have her as a prof. You don't have one prof, you have a few. They team teach so you can have 2 different prof in one day. The only person that stays consistent is your clinical teacher.
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    Just got my OFFICIAL letter in the mail, there wasnt any new information on it, guess we need to wait for orientationI am so excited, can't wait to start!!!!
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    i just got started on my titers and I signed up for CPR in July....hope all goes well. I guess the schedule is Tuesday and Thursday class and clinicals on Wed and Friday? does anyone know what time clinical will be?
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    Thanks mgalano!

    Congrats emabox....I hope I receive my letter this week. I'm still not able to register for my class.
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    emabox- im in nursing 1010 now and my clinical times were as follows:
    the first 3 weeks you are in the nursing lab to learn all of your basic skills. The time is either 8-12 or 12-4, they pick what group you will be in. Then after that you are in the Nursing home from 7-3, sometimes you might go in later than 7 though depending on your instructor. You stay at the nursing home for 3 weeks. Then you go to hospital for your rotation 7-3 for the rest of the semester. You also have random lab days throughout your time at the hospital.

    hope that helps!