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Hi all, has anyone heard from CCRI about acceptance for the Fall? Trying not to stress out given how many openings they had for spring, but you know how hard that is!:D... Read More

  1. by   violin9
    Auntyk - Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was at that Kinght office on June 1 at 8am. and Tony - yes, I find it hard to believe that all of the students accepted had 4.0 gpas. Then that Giovino guy (rob giovino - ) said that the reading accuplacer was important. I told him mine was a 97. He said the score goes as high as 110. I told him that the 97 was already far above the miniimum passing score. What a hair-splitter! The fact is that I don't think I have the constitution to keep investing myself in this ordeal. The more I invest myself (emotionally), the more disappointed I become. It will do me in. Yet, I will always have regrets if I don't persist. I really don't know what the answer is. I don't trust the personnel at CCRI. I know that I am not being given the truth, nor are things being done entirely above-board. I met a classmate at Target who told me at the end of June that she checked on her application and was told that she had been rejected. I immediately went to the Knight campus and spoke to several people - advising and enrollment services, etc. who all told me that it was impossible for her to know at the end of June. I said that this student really had no reason to lie to me and she didn't seem like a malicious person. I don't understand it. She probably knew someone who had inside information. It's very easy to get paranoid when one is involved with this application process. Well they can have it. I have my education. I have a B.S. in French and I play violin professionally. I don't need them! This is such a lame dream. My father, my sister and brother are all doctors and I have always been interested in healthcare, particularly from the preventatative angle. I will perhaps never have the opportunity to develop this interest professionally. I am dwelling on this, I know, but I have not yet had any professional success in any arena. I tried teaching, but couldn't control the kids - middle school French. I was a paralegal, but was all but abused by these @(@(@*@*#& lawyers. ok end of story. Thanks for listening everyone. Maybe tomorrow will dawn a better day.
  2. by   violin9
    Tony - one other thing - The one-campus application rule is definitely unfair. My husband even questioned it. I didn't speak to that Ruby, but based on the way she recorded her message on her voice mail, she did sound snobby - someone who can't pronounce her final g s on words ending in -ing. There is someone like that deciding our fates when we are probably more educated than she is. With that Liston campus, there have to be quotas going on. unbelievable. I am so disillusioned. What a mistake I made. I am just grateful that I am pursuing nursing with a sincere interest and not because I need the money, because I"d be homeless by now. That's it - August and no more. As I might have said before, it is going to do me in emotionally. I don't need that. I have three children - two in college in the fall and a son in high school who all need a mother in commission. That's it. I will have to immerse myself in playing music to keep my mind off this until I get the final acceptance or rejection in September. I will look into St. Joseph's - I'd have to take chemistry which I am willing to do. It doesn't intimidate me. It's just the extra time involved. I am older than you - I'm 55. My sister went to medical school at that age. Life is just not fair.
  3. by   violin9
    I just can't believe they rejected me. unbelievable. I did all the right things
  4. by   am11699
    Did you get any answers from advising?
  5. by   violin9
    They told me that all of the applicants that were accepted had 4.0 GPA s. I don't believe that. This isn't Harvard. The only thing I can do is try again in August. In the meantime, I am going to take college algebra which is a prerequisite for respiratory therapist - the only one I need at this point. If I don't get in to nursing in August, I will apply to the Resp. Ther. program in February. I don't know if I'll try the nursing again just to be disappointed once again.

    This could change, however. I just might give up after August. We'll see.

    such torment!
  6. by   Northofnowhere
    Hi everyone..

    I've been reading over all the posts here and I remember exactly how you feel.
    I'm going into my last semester of the nursing program at CCRI this fall. It's been the fast almost 2 years of my life and I can't believe I'm going to be graduating in December.
    I just want to give a word of encouragement to those of you that have been rejected.
    I know it's hard to keep trying when it feels like you are just spinning your wheels. The people that make the admissions decisions could care less about how students feel. They have the absolute worst attitudes and never have any answers. It's like a never ending vicious circle and you feel like you're always chasing your tail.
    To be completely honest, it doesn't get that much better when you get into the program. The professors and faculty who run the nursing program can be very unorganized and you often feel like they don't listen to their students.
    All this being said, I am so happy that I stuck with it and went to CCRI. The actual teachers are for the most part really awesome. Some of the clinical instructors can be tough, but they are fair, and really challenge you to be the best nurse you can be.
    I have made some AMAZING friends in the program that I know I will have for life and I hope to work with someday.

    My long winded story broken down is....don't give up. I know it can feel hopeless and it's a real drain on the emotions. In the's all worth it. CCRI really does have a great program, and I'm glad I'll be able to say that's where I got my degree.

    Best to all!! :-)
  7. by   mgalano
    I know two people that got in for the fall and their gpa was lower 3 and mid 3

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