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Hi everyone. Im 19 years old, leaving for Basic Training in the Army in 3 weeks and come back in October. I want to get my Associates in Nursing at CCRI but ive heard that the acceptance to the program has changed? That its no... Read More

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    for this august app period are you applying for spring flanagan?

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    Yes, the August open application period begins today and lasts through the end of the month. I was at that enrollment services at Flanagan at 8am to hand in the application, etc. This would be for the Spring of 2012 and a full complement of spaces. There would be more than the left-over spots of the June application period.

    I was toying with the idea of taking chemistry and college algebra in the fall to qualify for application to the Respiratory Therapy program in their February 2012 period (I've made a science of this!), but enough is enough. Too much striving - It's exhausting mentally and physically. So I have decided to register for two applied music courses at RIC - private lessons in violin and piano, both of which I have been playing for many years.

    The available spaces for Spring 2012 occurred at the Flanagan and Newport day programs only. I was told by a Mr. Rob Giovino, a person involved in the decision process that there were an equal number of spots in either campus. So, here's hoping.

    So if it's not nursing, it will be the Boston Symphony Orchestra. - just kidding.

    Thanks for listening.
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    one more thing - I was thinking that logically, if I didn't get in this application period, if there were spots left over for the next application period in October, should I bother reapplying? I emailed Mr. Giovino who gave me a generic answer "if there are spots available in October, you may apply." What is going to make me more attractive as a candidate in October when they have fewer spaces if they didn't want me in August when there was a full complement of spaces?

    You can't get anywhere with these people. You're at their mercy and you have very little control of the outcome. Just know that.
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    I also put in for Nursing day I think that if you have good grades in anatomy,physiology and Dose calculations. You should get in. Good luck ,your other idea the Chem 103 or general chem is a good one you need the chem to apply to RIC or URI . As of Fall 2012 (Sept) CCRI is going to a pt system this should make thing more transparent. I have read a lot of nonsense about conspiracy and political rigging I see no evidence of any sort just hearsay,speculation and foolishness. I also read claims that RIC had higher pass scores for( Nursing Boards) that is all BS. CCRI has the highest pass rate and the most students in one year. I think 270 -320 students in any given year. I did read that Fatima St Joe's diploma school had 100 % pass rate this semester they take CCRI classes. I hope others that put in for Jan 2012 join in this. And I thank Mgalano for passing on useful information and insight. Thank you Michelle

    Lata Sean
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    I applied in Aug 2011 for Jan 2012 I was told they would let me know in November.. I was emailed Sept 28,2011. I had been conditionally accepted to the Day Nursing Program.
    I have read a lot of nonsense about CVS Caremark people having first spots, untrue.
    The system is as fare as can be if you get good grades you will get in my GPA is a 3.95 in the Nursing program. And 3.67 overall.. Maybe some people did not get in because they did not get the grades.
    This of course is a double edge sword -personally I think the GPA based system the new point system is good and also bad.
    1. The grades you get in the Holy grail Anatomy-Physiology-Dosage Calculations, are important do not take this the wrong way but they are not a correct prediction - if you will be a good nurse?
    2. They do not have a interview -- Maybe that would help. I tutor Anatomy, Physiology, and have met some great students that can not get higher then a B. Some are CNA's and have a lot of hospital experience.
    3.CCRI has more clinical spaces then URI and RIC and more hours of clinical experience.
    4. CCRI has the highest pass rate of the Nclex in the state run schools.
    5. For the money CCRI is the better choice and the State pact of classes that will transfer to URI or RIC.
    6. Remember URI takes twice as many Nursing students as they have spots for clinicals it takes a student 5 1/2 years on average to graduate from URI.I do not know anything about RIC.
    7. If you get a RN from CCRI you can go directly into URI or RIC and finish up your BSN.This is possible because you are not competing for clinical positions.
    The clinical positions are the challenge for the Colleges - To think out loud I wonder what impact New England Tech's new
    R N program is going to have on the number of clinical spots for the State Schools.
    Clinical positions, clinical positions, clinical positions. THIS is what it is all about..... And YES Anatomy will weed out a lot-but if you are determined YOU CAN DO THIS ... Good Luck -- And now the work really begins.

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