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Anyone been through or starting the nursing program at CCRI? I'm starting in 2 weeks,and I'm getting really stressed. Just wanted to see if anyone is familiar with their program. I'm wondering... Read More

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    Originally I was doing the night and weekend program, but I wanted to hurry and apply so I decided to do the days, that way I could get in without taking physiology. I waited for about a year. How long have you been on the waiting list? When did you finish your pre-reqs?
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    Quote from amy3535
    Anyone been through or starting the nursing program at CCRI? I'm starting in 2 weeks,and I'm getting really stressed. Just wanted to see if anyone is familiar with their program. I'm wondering where I'll be doing my clinicals, I'm guessing we'll find out when I start class. Any advice would be great!!
    I am going to start my second year in september. The day program you are in lecture 2days a week 8-11 or 8-10am and clinical for 2 days 7-3 the first 3 weeks you are the nursing lab learning how to make beds and basic stuff then you go to the nursing home for 6wks then you finally go to the hospital. Clinicals are held at ri hospital, landmark, kent county, newport hospital, south county. Good Luck and Don't Let The Instructors Scare You
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    im on the waiting list at ccri in lincolkn since july 04 when did everyone else get on the waiting list, im going for the nights and weekend clinicals
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    well I have been on since 04 dec. I called yesterday and she said I may be in for 06 but not a sure for 07. The letter goes out in March. So if you do not get it then your not in for that year.
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    Quote from donnar232
    well I have been on since 04 dec. I called yesterday and she said I may be in for 06 but not a sure for 07. The letter goes out in March. So if you do not get it then your not in for that year.
    hello donna, so you got on the list this past dec? i went on the night and weekend list last july, did u talk to coral mack at ccri lincoln? thats who i spoke to, hopefully sept 06 for me too, it's just so frustrating, ive been done with classes since may and have nothing else to take that is required. well lets pray for those letters
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    I just graduated CCRI about 2 weeks ago and I have some tips for all of you starting soon...
    1) Try to get all the immunizations and proof of CPR in as soon as possible and keep up on it the whole 2 years...They will not let you go to clinical if everything isn't in order and any day you miss you have to make up.
    2) They will give you a dosage calc test a few weeks in and you have to pass this with an 85 if I'm not mistaken...You get 3 tries and if you don't manage to pass it, you can't continue on to Nursing 2. This happened to a friend of mine. Break out the dosage calc book now and start brushing up. Try to pass it on the first try because the 3rd attempt test is scheduled near to finals and you don't need that stress.
    3) Try to make the best possible first impression with your clinical instructor. Most are cool but some sniff out fear and weakness. The first time you have to look up a patient and present it, cover all the bases so if the instructor asks you about meds, diagnoses, procedures etc., you can win HUGE points for being prepared. Some instructors pick out a "scapegoat" for the semester and you don't want it to be you.
    4) Study groups work out great. Find 2 or 3 people that you click with and that take things seriously and help each other out. Sometimes, one of your study pals will have picked up something in lecture that you missed.
    5) The clinical paperwork is a big deal to most instructors so try to do as best a job on that as you can-if possible try not to work the night before clinical. That being said, I had to work full-time through nursing school and I graduated with Honors so it can be done. Time management is vital.

    If I think of more stuff, I'll post again. I didn't mean to scare anyone...It's not so bad, it's just that nursing school is challenging(probably one of the hardest yet life-changing things you will ever do) and if you have a heads up on some of this stuff you're more than halfway there. Best of luck to all of you!!!
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    Hi! I'm actually new to this site... I'm trying to enroll myself @ CCRi probably in January... I've done a few classes @ ccry but never finished it..I did Bilingual Judicial Interperter, Graphic Design and Computer scince..After a while I notice I wasnt interested in any of those programs.. now I'm working as a Medical Asst.. I love helping people so I believe this is what I want to do.. the only problem is that I don't know much about enrolling myself as a Nurse @ ccri..So I've herd there is a long waiting list... how does it go about me taking other classes then taking the nurse course?.. also FAFSA did not approve does anyone know how to get a loan ect ect.. please help me out...
    If you can kindly post hereI would truely appricate it.. thank you much!:wink2:
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    Jr02909 -
    I think I might be able to provide a few tips for you! First you should call registration and tell them you are interested in the nursing program and need to speak with an advisor who knows requirements for that program. As for financial aid, CCRI also have people who can guide you through that as well. Take a look at the CCRI website and it will provide phone numbers for the different departments. Sometimes these people can be less than helpful, don't let that discourage you, you just have to be persistent. Some of the prereqs include: intro to health, anatomy, phisiology, microbiology, dosage calculations, general psych, dev. psych, and a humanities elective. Once all prereqs are completed, then you can apply for the nursing program. The nursing program is performance based, so the higher your GPA the sooner you will be able to start your clinicals. I'm at the point where I have completd all prereqs and waiting to hear if I have been accepted into the January 2009 day program. Hope this has helped and best of luck!
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    Hi Jr02909:

    Welcome to Allnurses! And I agree with sunnsand....
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    also there are alot of General program scholarships seeing you dont qualify for Financial aid ..... and CCRI has a payment plan as well.
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    tinytessa31 & Sunnsand

    thanks a lot for the messages..Glad there are good people out there..I guess I will make an appt to see a Advisor... I've gone to get help with the fafsa before but the people that work there seem like they are always trying to rush you.. it gets confusing.. oh yeah and this site is super confusing .. it took me forever to post this lol..thanks!
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    I'm reading these posts seeing that it takes 2-3 years for your spot on the waiting list to expire?! wait, does that mean you take your generals, apply right away during the 1st year of your generals and then do the nursing program for the remaining 2 years out of the 4??? Thanks! btw, how hard is it to be accepted into the nursing program?? what do they take into consideration? or do you just get automatically accepted when you get accepted into the ccri college itself and then just wait for a spot to be open??