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"NOTE: One additional application period will be available for the *Nursing Program: May 26 to June 3, 2009"... Read More

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    Forget about study Anatomy for the test since the science section doesn't technically count and there was only like one anatomy question on the whole test.. I would definetely read the ati study book and brush up on proper grammatical rules for the english part. And i should warn you that it is timed so when taking the math section do all the questions where time doesn't take that long but if you come to question where you cleary see that it takes time like finding the average of a bunch of numbers, just write that question number down on the scrap paper you get and then go back at the end. I ended up passing the math section but I missed like 6 or 7 questions because I did not have enough time for them and that stressed me out big time. The reading comprehension section is like common sense so I would focus in on math and english, and then if you have extra time read the reading sec and then science.
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