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I find it interesting that the amount of graduate students increase each year and the number of active nurses don't. Why is this? Why did you retire or become inactive? I am looking for problems in nursing that causes... Read More

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    I am semi-retired from nursing (RN) after 30 years. I am from Arizona, but come to Colorado for the summer where it is much cooler at this time. I still do some private duty nursing 1-2 days a week and I enjoy it (not stressful like a hospital or clinic). I have had a home care business (franchise) for 8 years and sold it in 2007. I am starting up another business that will be a lot less stressful and perfect for retired or semi-retired nurses. It is in the beginning stages right now, but I'll be in charge of my destiny. There are jobs out there, but after 30 years, I'd like to be in charge

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    i was never given the opportunity to earn enough for living as a nurse nor fortunate to qualify for a visa due to some unforeseen circumstances like changing of trends in the process of application and as a victim of some scams that plague metro manila.

    now, i'm doing business in real estates and some passive incomes that at least are rather better than being a nurse locally. although, i still hope for a chance in qualifying as a student visa to Canada and later apply for a working visa, but how possible it can be?
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    We somehow have a common ground here, I too has been unfortunate finding the experience i needed to qualify for work abroad. As i was diverted to showbusiness and enjoyed it immensely (for 11 years under International bookings doing immigration works for our performers) i landed another job in a firm doing the same, processing all kinds of Canadian immigration.

    to give you the gist...entering Canada under a student visa will require you a proof of acceptance from an educational institution, personal study plan, proof of accumulated funds to support yourself etc. Should you want to learn more you can visit the website of Canada Embassy and check under STUDYING IN CANADA. God bless
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    I got out of nursing 30 years ago because of my kids and I don't think I was mentally grown up enough to handle nursing. Now I am thinking about getting back into it again after I retire from my present job in a few years.
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    I am inactive right now because I was told by my former employer that I would not have any accomodations granted to me (I used to work in the OR with profound hearing loss) but one day very suddenly I lost the rest of my hearing (which was very little to begin with). I also was seen by several docs and the neurologist discovered that I had some distressing neurological issues. I am ataxic and deaf, and have visual issues and have imbalance and dizziness. So, none of this was my choice and I really wish I could work again but obviously this would be a strain on me physically, not to mention how other's would negativly perceive me. I have always been a very safe RN and never had my hearing loss interferred with any of my nursing (except the telephone) but alas....I am now not physically able to do the things I used to. an RN to the end!
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    I seen this post and i had to tell my story. I'm a some what a new nurse. I was an CNA and a Cirt Med Tech for many yrs before i became a LPN. I didn't know if i wanted to be a nurse really. I basically was doing the same thing a LPN does pass meds do finger sticks only thing i didn't do was wound care or feeding tubes. and IV's So to make more money i had to become a LPN. I was making 8.50 LPN 13.00 to start see my point? So being a guy it was hard being a CNA / Med Tech. I had residents who didn't want me in their room because i was a guy and i always felt i was under the scope and the stereotyping of me being gay i heard that as well. I did it because i care for people. I tried and tried again to get in to the local hospitals and doctor offices and i had no luck. Matter of fact i still have apps pending at one local hospital. I had one interview at the same local hospital and this Nurse Manager wasn't interested in me she was to busy answering her cell phone talking to her husband about who was going to pick their son up and take him to baseball. I thought wow i wasn't even heard and what a waste of my time. I thought being a LPN would be different i thought being a LPN i could get my foot in the door of a hospital and maybe they could help me become a RN. I had a dream of being respiratory nurse but no i was stuck in LTC's and Psych Rehab hospitals. I talked to a Nursing Recruiter and she told me i shoot myself in the foot working in a LTC and in Psych there's no hospital that will pick me up because of no acute care. So i was working night shift at this state hospital and i was on my lunch sitting outside and i thought is this what my nursing will be is this it? I'll be a babysitter for the aids and residents. So i decided to take a break from nursing keep my license current. I work in a factory now. I make more then a LPN. I love this site it keeps me up on how things are going in nursing. I love nursing don't get me wrong. I just need a break and think what am i doing and what way to go. These are my thoughts use them as you wish.. Anthony
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    I quit nursing for five years to care for my parents. During that process, I became ill myself, but soldiered on caring for them and for myself. I finally decided to go back to nursing. I finished by BSN and did a refresher course, which included all the time consuming JCAHO stuff etc. I started working on a medical/surgical stepdown unit. I really don't like it. I like taking care of the patients, but this facility does not staff appropriately. There is no acuity tool in place to help properly staff for some very sick patients. I have a hard time due to the number of patients in my care during my shift. I also have to contend with the two ****** nurses who do charge...if you want to call it that...they don't answer questions and they don't help the other nurses. I am an older nurse and have been a nurse for over 20 years. I have worked all over the country and worked in critical care units, stepdown units, and medical/surgical units. I am quitting nursing looking for another job because of the politics, the behavior of these charge nurses who know less clinical information than I. Tired of all the stress that goes with this nonsense....Makes me sad.
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