in rn refresher course now

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    I am hoping to return as an RN on a medical surgical floor in a rural hospital soon, but feel the typical lack of confidence right now. Has anybody got a word for me? I am excited and then sometimes I think I must be crazy! I would love to hear a success story from somebody who has been out about as long as I have and your new job in the hospital. I know I can do it, but hope the hospital, should I be hired, will be patient with me and provide the orientation I need to feel confident.

    I really appreciate your words of encouragement,

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    I don't know how long you've been out from the tour of duty and how long you've work before. That will have a big difference in transitioning back.

    One thing for sure is that if you made it from school to becoming full fledge and manage to work...there is no doubt that you'll do fine, unless of course you have some other personal issues or challenges in schedules.

    Nursing shortage is getting worst each day without any immediate solutions so far (or I should say willing participants to unite for a common resolution, because I believed there is a solution to this crisis).

    Though things have changed in the past 5 years, all of these changes had it's roots from the you won't be struggling in the dark.
    Also, there's a lot of handy resources like this online community where you can obtain tons of information.

    So good luck, stay confident and don't forget you are a force to reckon with, you have a big role to play, the health care industry needs you now more than ever.

    Welcome back to the workforce.
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    I'm also returning to the nursing field (after being out 10 yrs.). I'm scared and lack some confidence right now too. I think the previous poster has a good point, if we made it through nursing school and then worked as a nurse before, we can do it again.

    Best wishes to you!
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    I'm new here and this is my fist post. I found this thread via a web search on nurses returning to practice, as I too am in your shoes. I left bedside back in 1992 and ended up working in utilization management, case management which lead me to a path where I sit now working as a lead business analyst for clinical systems (technology) and I find I hate it. I stopped working entirely when I had my children in 2003 and when I decided to go back to work part time I found a subacute rehab that gave me a chance to get back to bedside care. I only stayed there 8 months before realizing that I needed to work full time (economic reasons) and my child care at the time was not supportive of a nurse's schedule. I was lured back into case management by an old boss because I had all of the flexibility in the world- I could work from home when I wanted and flex my hours according to my families needs. But after a year she left, and subsequently I left (her repalcement felt there was nothing wrong with a 50-60 hour week and told those of us with children to "deal with it". I was recruited back into full time technology work and I'm near tears because this is NOT where I want to be.

    So.... (sorry for the saga but it leads up to this...) I contaced one of the bigger local hospitals and I have an interview for an acute care position. It's only a 16hr/week position and all they have open so I called the subacute where was a little over a year ago and am waiting for a call back. I'm hoping between the two I can work 32-40 hrs. My goal is to work nights so I can be available if necessary for my kids during the day (get them to schoool, go to bed, wake up if there's a school function, etc....).

    I was scared to death going back to bedside- even though it was subacute it still meant dressings, meds, pic lines, etc... and within 2-3 weeks I felt like I had never left!!! It was a wonderful feeling. I still felt unsure of myself many many times but people were so understanding and willing to help out. Just take it day by day ... hour by hour. Don't feel stupid to ask questions - not everyone can remember everything 10 or so years later.

    I wish you success on your journey back to the future!!!
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    Thank you all, so much for responding to my post. I have been out approx. 20 years and had a really successful day on an Orthopedic floor today. I started an IV on a patient with bad veins and inserted a foley catheter. Also, I was administering IV pushes of morphine and gave p.o. meds along with some charting. I am so thankful, but what I hate is the nervousness that I feel more when I get home. It's just overwhelming right now, but I know it'll get easier. If you are going back in, I can't stress enough how encouraging an RN refresher can be. Plus, hospitals, I believe, are more apt to hire you--especially in my case of being out so long.
    Thank you, Fitline Champ, Disney Fool and Sagal08. I wish you the best also. Now, I just have to pray I can get the job I'm shooting for! It's so close to home and a great med surg environment.

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    I took the Nurse re-entry classes after being away from nursing for 12 years. I then did an 8 week clinical on a limited license for the clinical only. I received my license after my clinical hours were in. I was scared but excited at the same time. The nurses where I did my clinical were very supportinve of me re-entering nursing. The basic knowledge and understanding of nursing will always be with you. There were some things very different, but some things hadn't changed much. Of course I was kind of an extra person for them and that's always nice. I have been working now since January, and it has been more stressful for me now that I am not an extra person on the floor, but in charge of my own unit. I am glad that I made the decision to do the nurse re-entry program, and wouldn't go back to what I was doing. Nursing is my first love. If you are doing what you want to do...It will all work out. Trust the process. Good Luck to all of you re-entering nursing. It is always a little scarey to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Just think...this time next year you will all be nurses again!
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    Hello returning nurses,
    Stay encouraged. You can return successfully. The first step is a refresher program that includes clincals. If you are returning to acute care you need an internship or mentoring type program also. There are many opportunites for nurses re-entering practice. The hosptials, outpatient surgery, outpatient dialysis, infusion care,and many more. I work with a Nurse Refresher Program. I have been teaching with this program over 8 years and we have had great success in assistiing nurses back into competent and confident care.
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    I am excited beyond words! I received a call from the hospital that I applied for yesterday and was set up for an interview this morning. I was so excited and nervous but I believe all went well. I was interviewed by the ER Nursing Manager, 2 med surg nurses and a utilization review nurse. (My background includes Med/Surg, Homehealth and Utilization review.) The staff was so encouraging and welcoming. I pray I know tomorrow if I get the job. I am asking for prn. I am sooooo thankful for the Nurse Refresher Course for I feel I will be really prepared going back in.

    I'll let you know what happens. Thank you to all who have responded to my post.
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    You mentioned that you work with a nurse refresher course. I am an LVN with a current license who has not worked in a hospital since 1994.

    I live in the Houston area, but not really close enough to do one of those programs. My local hospital and community college both have nothing.

    What advice do you have?
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    I am an LPN and was contemplating an online refresher course, however, I am having difficulty finding a clinical site. I have not worked for past four years due to health issues. I was thinking about going into agency/HH/private duty nursing where I can work as little, or as much as I want. I do have chronic illness, and know that I cannot overtire myself. But, in my heart I really want to return to nursing. I like the idea of taking care of one patient at a time. I feel for my own sake that I would benefit from taking refresher course. I am definitley not ready to be on my own, yet. I need a major review. I have never worked med-surg. I have only worked in behavioral health.
    I do not have a refresher course available in my area, either. However, there is one that is 75 miles from me, and I am considering going that route now. I will have class two days a week from 9-1 and clinicals two days a week from 7-3:30. The course is for 10 weeks. I like the fact that I will get to do my clinicals at a University hospital. I just hope that it is not too draining. Oh well, I will have to keep reminding myself that it is only for 10 weeks. And, the end result will worth it.
    I have just a few weeks to make up my mind, as orientation for this program is sept.6.
    Oedgar, have you checked into any of the online refresher programs? Have you checked with your SBON?

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