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I retired from bedside nursing within the past year. I was very dedicated and was the type of nurse that you would want for yourself or for a family member. I left because the increasing... Read More

  1. by   Grandmasgirl
    I'm in the same boat but for medical reasons- 2 years ago I developed an auto immune problem & ended up needing a total knee & hepatitis at the same time. The knee had to wait for 1 1/2 yrs to be fixed. Finally got it done but because of delayed healing i was off work for 6 months + & was terminated- HR policy if you're gone more than 6 months you're fired. Got no support from my manager- I initiated everything. I'm a nurse of 37years +, have worked my butt off then picked it up & put it back on & worked some more! I've done all shifts, rotated, come inearly & stayed late & come in extra( even at 3AM on my day off) to help out. I've currently got 20+ resume's out- 2 interviews in 3 months. There's mostly traveling, nights, 12 hr nights, Homecare, & corrections out there. and i keep getting calls to "work from home- it only costs$$$". I'm paying cobra for my family. If the folks didn't help us out I don't know where we'd be. I need the insurance because of my health problems. Plus we're caring for our parents too.Talk about being sandwiched! And when I applied for unemployment my former hospital said I left "voluntarily". It took 6 weeks to straighten that out, but at least I'm getting that now. So I'm out there looking- I can't get a job at my old place due to a "hiring freeze" zPersonally I feel like they think I'm a liability now due to my age & health. I try to keep "up" by participating in talks like this & keep looking for jobs & having good friends. My husband is a ROCK! I am so lucky to have him beside me (LOVE YOU HONEY!). Anyway- to anyone else out there my philosophy is I haven't found anything because the time isn't right yet. There is a plan for me- just don't know it yet! hahaha! Good luck to all of you!
  2. by   Ginger45
    I can totally relate. I just quit my 6th job in a year. It was all the same no matter where I was. This last job I was new and the DON gave me a killer schedule while my son was in from Japan. 11-7 two nights, 3-11 two night then 7-3 the weekend. I was pushing a med cart. I just couldn't do it. All of these jobs have a huge turnover and are always looking for nurses because the conditions are so bad but I feel really depressed and down on myself. I am burnt out on the profession but not on my pt's. I don't know what to do now. My husband is not very supportive. He does not understand that after 29 years and PTSD I just can't take it anymore. He is a CNA. I had one job that I really loved but the Director of Nurses was a real witch and would jump all over you in front of everyone. The program manager loved me and is looking for another job herself because of same issues with this woman. To do the job and do it right takes alot of time. No breaks. Any suggestions?
  3. by   Rntr
    "I don't know what to do now. My husband is not very supportive. He does not understand that after 29 years and PTSD I just can't take it anymore"

    Ginger, I feel for you and understand... this is one of the reason's I divorced...yes, I am heading into Case Management for an insurance company... I can't imagine it's as miserable as bedside...

    It's not the nursing it's the "business" side of it... just too much BS for me..
  4. by   Ginger45
    Hi RNtr,

    It is the administrative side. I totally agree. I love nursing in general. I love my patients. If I could just do that the way it should be done. I would be a happy nurse. I am trying agency nursing. I did that in the 90's when I was an LPN. It was also a very stressful period for me plus my kids were young so I was able to just go in and do my job. Not be involved in the day to day BS. I signed up with two agencies. I will let you all know how it goes. Good luck to you on your new job. I love case managment but there are no jobs like that in this area.
  5. by   Rntr
    I am relocating 500 ml for this job... no one in the area I live in would give me an opportunity so good riddence to them..

    Good luck in your job..