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    I graduated in 2006, took the exam in december and got my license in february 2007. i passed the CGFNS in the same year and had a 4 months training in a 276-bed capacity tertiary hospital. After that i worked as a customer service representative coz i felt like it would help me prepare for my IELTS exam which i did pass with a total bond score of 7.5, (no rating of below 7 in any subtest). I also have a dialysis training certificate and IV therapy certificate.

    For 1 year and 2 mos i had been nursing a grandmother who had a stroke. I did the following tasks:

    *IV insertion
    *catheter replacement
    *O2 administration
    *suctioning of secretions
    *V/S monitoring
    *medication administration
    *NGT feeding
    *NGT insertion
    *maintaining good/proper hygiene
    *ROM exercises

    Im eager to find a job coz my aunt who's supporting my grandmother's needs is starting to get broke. I've sent a lot of applications to different agencies but it's either they accept my applications and make me wait for nothing or they tell me straightforward that they cannot accept me for i never worked as a staff nurse in a hospital for at least a year.

    Does anybody here know any hospital that hires nurses with the qualifications similar to that of mine?...

    i hope you'd get to read my post and take time to give any feedback.


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    Are you talking about US hospitals? Or are you in a different country?

    I can move this thread to the International nursing forum or to a specific country if you would like. Just let me know.
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    Im from the Philippines. I was talking about the hospitals here.

    Thank you for replying to my thread and yes, i would love to. thanks