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:yeah: I am trying to network with any nurses employed or looking for work in New York, that are excelsior grads, to get some feed back re employment. Or recent grads who are lic. and clocking the... Read More

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    Is this utica or albany, i have a home here, let me know, want to come up anyway, when i come back.
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    Wow JDoug, are you serious? Is it still like this? I also live in the metro area and I am DYING to get out. Although I never had upstate NY, in mind, it does sound nice . Just curious...how much could a new grad RN, from Excelsior, generally expect to start at? In NYC, I heard the average, now, is around $30-33/hr...but the prices are just insane here and the quality is going down the drain. I would love to live somewhere beautiful like upstate.
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    Well upstate is 27/hr with 2 yrs. RN experience. That is 1 and a 1/2 hrs. from grand central. Albany is 22/hr. so there, send me a private email and will give further info. an EC grad myself. Less cement than new york city, and more trees LOL.
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    sunrock how is the search going? any luck im strongly considering excelsior since i live in westchester ny and just tired of the hoop jumping for an rn
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    It has been a while, I am in private duty nursing in yonkers, n.y . Clepping towards BSN, slowly, I am maxed out $ wise, may be can meet over coffee. Lol