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    My disability is a little different - it's a severe case of essential tremor. I even had a deep brain implant done, but it didn't help. I fought applying for disability for almost 2 years, but finally took my doctors advice and stopped trying to work.

    It took me only 3 months to be approved for disability, which totally blew me away.

    I really thought I would miss nursing - but I don't. There are many aspects of it that I miss - the patients, many of the docs that I liked, but I had grown totally fed up with the B.S. that healthcare has become.

    I'd like to do something - but I'm not sure what yet.

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    I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
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    I have recently been offered a don job @ a personal care home. anyone know what kind of pay i could expect?
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    Glad to read that you are coping with the change of no longer able to work as a nurse by "finding (your) nich as volunteer in Hospice care". Five years ago I developed health changes and was no longer able to work as a nurse.Even though I had already worked as a registered nurse for 35 years, I was planning on working a few more years before I retired--huge blow! As you seem to have done, I worked my way through the blues of loss of nursing career by trying different kinds of other meaningful jobs. My adventures so far include working at a shelter for battered women, working as phone solicitor for blood donors at Red Cross, and currently working as child care provider in the nursery at a day care center. Best wishes to you!
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    Hi, it's been a year for me now away from bedside nursing. Although it took a few months to get over it. The 'Good Old Days' of Nursing in the 1970's and 1980's here in Sydney, were good, as in the wards were kept tidy, along with the pan rooms. And the trolleys were cleaned and fully stocked. And nothing was missed in the nursing care of patients. Unfortunately, in this day and age with lack of Nursing staff, things are being missed. I had made a change to the Opiate Treatment Services. Which I've learnt a lot about. I'm looking at applying for a permanent position in this field of Nursing. Will see how I go...
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    I'm looking to connect with a disabled retired nurse from Onatrio Canada or any other provience (non-union).
    I've heard unfair deductions from LTD payments are being made by certain insurance companies.
    And I know someone who can help with this.
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    I was excited to see this forum title, as I am a "retired" nurse due to disabilities. First, a lifting injury despite doing everything right, i.e. bed flat, good body alignment, and using a lift sheet with a strong male RT on one side. 2 months after that, a very bad MVA ended my career as a nurse. Then the PTSD and depression. But I have survived all that (and lots more!) and now want to be a nurse again, despite my disabilities. Hoped this forum would be a place to hear how others survived and remained or returned to nursing. I have been out of it for 18 years, and have to get my license back by taking the NCLEX. (Never ever give up your license! No matter what!) Would love to hear suggestions on what kinds of nursing jobs are out there which are not so physically demanding. Aiming for Nurse Educator at this point but would love other ideas or areas to look into. Noticed the posts on this forum are rather old and that the original thread was a different focus, but no harm in trying, I figure. Hope that's OK and that I might hear from some of you. Thanks! Miss my sweet Newf!
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    You have a wonderful triage company located in NC
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    and forgot to add you work from home for WONDERFUL people

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