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This is my first post. I have been disabled since '91. I kept my FL license even after we moved out of state @ hubby's retirement until this year when I turned 66. I am wanting to supplement our... Read More

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    Sounds like something I need to check out to. I left a good paying Public Health job last year, after prior years of clinical RN work and moved to a rural area and need to find a work from home position too. Any assistance or ideas are welcome.

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    HOw do you obtain the transcription courses? Are there any online?
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    Quote from MickyB-RN
    Is there good training online for medical transcription? I'd love to be able to supplement my income as an RN with something I could do at home instead of working two full time jobs. Any info is appreciated.
    Where did you start re: the transcription--is it more lucrative than coding or billing? What were your typing skills before you got into this. I'm 60 and want to transition to something from home. Your help is appreciated.
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    I need some answers on this, too. Can anyone help us out here? I, like the previous poster, am curious about transcription vs. coding and billing. I do searches on the net but sometimes I just get more confused. I need to find a way to love what I do while keeping my bloodpressure under control; ya know what I mean?

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    Hi. I need help, too. I am interested in taking an online MT course, but don't know where. There are a lot of schools online. Can anyone tell me where the best school to take one and at the same time affordable,too. Thanks everybody.
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    This thread is old, but I hope someone will read this and give me a suggestion or two. I've been a nurse for 33 years, however I've been inactive the past 3.5 years, due to grave illness and subsequent and numerous complications. I'm now closer to going back to work than I've ever been. I won't be able to do floor nursing, but wonder if anyone would hire me for QA, nurse recruitment, etc., since I can't do a lot of walking. Am I still marketable for something?? How do I explain the long absence without giving them the idea that I'm sickly and, therefore, a risk.? Any help will be appreciated. I really miss the patients, but maybe I can do something on the phone? Thanks, in advance.
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    Sorry for the long delay girls.

    Yes, there are some reputable transcription courses out there. M-Tec or The Andrews School are both highly respected schools. Many employers will hire their graduates without the 2 years of experience many require.

    I have no formal training, just a great friend who wanted some help with her work. I've been doing it for about 4-1/2 years now and still enjoy it. The money is even better than the beginning and the flexibility of it is awesome. I'm able to go to the kid's school whenever I wish and catch up on my work later.

    One little tidbit, the most money is going to be made working directly for the doctor. The services are going to charge the office and pay you much less. Just food for thought.

    Good luck girls. Ask away if you have any more questions.
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    Thanks , that is an idea, a nursing school ran by nurses, that would be awesome, hope this generates some mail from other elderly/retired, or looking forward to retire.
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    Hi, hope you have found something? If not, I have an idea for you. Send me your e-mail and I will be glad to share with you what I am doing to supplement my income and pay my tuition to grad school. It might be something you are interested in...it is not one of those scams....very legitimate that you could do from home, as long as you had the internet and a phone.

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    Hi, you just say you took a "leave" and you stop at that. They cannot by law ask you alot of questions. Just make sure you do not get real wordy and say more than you want. It is no one's business. Lot's of people take leaves: have a baby, care for aging parents, build a house, travel, move with a partner or go to school. It is not that unusual, UNLESS you speak/act like you are hiding something. Practice/role play with a friend..make sure when you say that, you look them in the eye...looking away is a dead give-a-way. Good luck.
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