Venturing Into A New Area: & Dealing With The Doubters

  1. Research nursing is a relatively new and developing area of nursing. Something I have been wanting to try for about 3 years now and now I finally found & took a job in this area of nursing.

    I have been an ER nurse for the last 2 years, so of course I told some of my co-workers that I was leaving, and naturally people wanted to know where I was running off to and why. Unfortunately most of the responses weren't all that positive or supportive. I was met with a few

    "oh you like that type of stuff" (with confused eyes)


    "are you sure you want to do that'' (with furrowed brows)

    and the

    ''what are you gonna do with that'' type of responses

    only a few (3) of my fellow co-workers said encouraging, positive things, not to mention some of my family members also started the barrage of ridiculous questions. They think I'm never going back to ''traditional nursing'' which is not the case.

    I mean I mentioned that I took a pay cut to my brother and he gave me the ''are you crazy'' look. Then I responded "well I'd like to see what research in nursing is all about and where it can take me''

    Then he says ''oh, so where is it going to take you'' in a snarky tone.

    The thing is I'm don't know where this can take me, but I do know I can go far with it. I believe in making the most of what you love and trying out new things. Opening myself up to all the possiblities so that when the time comes to move up to something bigger I have the experience.

    It's just annoying when people discourage you and cast doubt (especially family)

    any have to deal with this, or something similiar?
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