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  1. For my capstone project, I need to choose a theoretical framework to guide my literature review. I've taken multiple research classes, written a handful of comprehensive research papers and reviews, but I have never come across instructions to include theoretical framework until now. This is new to me and I am struggling with finding appropriate framework. All nursing theorist framework seem like a stretch for my paper because my topic has nothing to do with nursing - it's about inappropriate prescribing in the elderly. Sure, I would like to incorporate the role of the APN in solving this issue, but the content of the paper is really just not nursing related.

    My advisor threw some words out there like "systems outcomes process" and "systems theory" but when I google, nothing really clicks with me. Everything's so abstract and I feel like I'm BS-ing the theory into my paper. I wish there was a list of conceptual framework, with definitions, so I could choose one.

    Does any one have any ideas for a theoretical or conceptual framework? Something along the lines of medication safety, improving outcomes, etc? Where can I find framework? And how do I know if its like, real? Like, how do I know if it's legitimate framework? Or just one person who is suggesting some framework? I am really confused and wish one of my research courses covered this in any way.

    Anything advice would help. Thanks.
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  3. by   llg
    If the content of the paper is truly not related to nursing, then it would be an inappropriate topic for a nursing assignment. Think about that. It's an important point.

    Personally, I think your topic IS nursing-related. The problem is: you don't see the relationship between your topic and nursing. That's where a theoretical framework would help you. That's why a theory can be a good thing. It can provide the structure you need to link up your ideas about over-prescribing to the elderly with the role of the nurse.

    What is the role of the nurse in relation to over-prescribing? What effects would over-prescribing have upon the patient and the type of care they would need? What are a nurse's repsonsibilities related to the prescribing, administration, and monitoring of medications? As you think about these issues, perhaps you will start to see how your topic is related to nursing. Then you will be able to take one of the nursing theories that you are already familiar with and use it for this project.
  4. by   dallas12nut
    How do I select the right theoretical model for my capstone project?

    My project is to create a float friendly environment.