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Research RN needed for interview

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I just signed up here. What a great site for nurses!

    I'm currently in a BSN program and one of my tasks is to interview 5 nurses from different specialties. I'm having a hard time finding nurses that I work with to interview, especially in research. I was hoping some of you nurses could help me and participate. You would just have to answer the questions (that I will provide in email). There are no right or wrong answers. After, return the questions and answers to me (via email). If anyone is at all available to take a few minutes out of their day to help me with this assignment it would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to participate, please PM me.

    Thank you so much!
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    I am a clinical research RN and would be happy to answer some questions about my specialty.

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    hi birdie! thank you so much for responding! would you be able to PM me you email address so i can send you the questions? thanks!

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    Apparently I don't have access to the private message area. I'd still be happy to answer them if you feel comfortable posting the questions here. Or, I could probably just write up something and post it if you give me a notion about what you're looking for. Just let me know.
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    Just to let you know you need 15 or more posts to be able to access the pm system.
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    you could email me at, and I'll send you the email with the questions. I know, my PM box doesn't work for me either as of right now.

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