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  1. Hello all. I am new here so please excuse me if I am not doing this correctly.
    For my next assignment i have been told i need to do a research proposal. It sounds silly but I can not think of a topic at all. I need something that has lots of research already done about it, something simple tp start with. All ideas would be much appreciated.
    Thanks very much.
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  3. by   llg
    Step one: Identify a few potential "general areas" based on what areas of nursing interest you. Are you interested in pediatrics? geriatrics? OR? ED? administration? psych? adult med/surg, etc.

    Step two: Browse a few journals that focus those general areas. See what topics have been well-researched ... and what topics jump out at you and grab your attention. Which topics intrigue you?

    Step three: Based on that little bit of reflection and lit review ... narrow it down to 2 or 3 possible topics. Do a little deeper lit search to see whether or not you can find sufficient literature on those topics. That deeper lit search will also help you focus your thoughts on a more narrow sub-topic suitable for your paper.

    So ... what nursing specialities interest you the most? What types of jobs do you plan on applying for after graduation? What patient populations ... work environments ... age groups ... work settings ... etc. appeal to you? Start there.
  4. by   tinks2309
    Thank you very much. thats a great bit of info. I was thinking of doing something related to malnutrition and the MUST screening tool but most of the research about it is qualitative while i wanted something more quantitative. So back to square one. Any topics people recommend that has quantifiable research rather than qualitative?
  5. by   llg
    You might try searching a book of measurement tools to find one that could be used in a study of a topic that interests you. Once you have skimmed the literature on general areas of interest to you, you should be able to link up some of those topics with some of the available tools.

    Your librarian should be able to help you find a book of possible tools.
  6. by   nicefrancine
    I saw a topic on malnutrition. This problem was addressed by liquid nutritional supplements as perceived by patients which were considered old..

    I'm sorry this reply might be a little late. Hope this helps!