im a newbie!

  1. I just got a job in research and im soooooooooo excited! this job seems perfect for me and i cant wait to start! (first day is sept. 15th, i have to turn in my 2 weeks) the position is a clinical research coordinator so im really excited to start this seems like the perfect job because i still have patient interaction, but i also have the "office" side of it too!
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    one other thing - i know you have to work in the field for 2 years before you can take the test to be a certified clinical research coordinator, but what exactly is the test like? i guess im asking what are the questions like? my facility will pay for me to take the prep course and take it so i think its a great opportunity! the other question i have is how many times can you take it and what is the difficulty? (i guess thats 2 questions!) :wink2:
  4. by   anc33
    I don't know whick organization you are interested in but I took the ACRP test and it was not that bad. Many questions are intuitive for nurses but you will have to study the code of federal requlations in order to do well on the test. On the ACRP website they list all of the CFR sections that you are required to know. The test is out of 125 and the passing level is adjusted semiannually with roughly 75 correct answers needed to pass.