How do I become a research nurse?!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a new nurse, with a year (15 months to be exact ) of med/surg and psych experience. I have always wanted to get into research but I have no idea how!!! All positions I see require research experience. I have talked to a recruiter in the field, the only advice she offered me was to find an internship at a CRO. I have tried to look into becoming a CRA-also need experience. I have looked into CRC but the friends I have in the field have told me it is quite a paycut. I feel like I'm back at my new grad status again, when all the jobs require experience but you can't get a job so you can get experience!! My current working conditions are less than superb and I want to try something new.

    If anyone could please offer me some advice I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    Keep applying, keep searching! Entry level jobs with base CRC pay do exist. I found my first research job by accident. It can happen! Look up clinical research coordinator jobs on
  4. by   ClinicalResearchNurs
    Continue to search jobs in clinical research at your institution. If you are at a university hospital setting- look for job postings for: clinical research nurse or study coordinator. Look at the Local Chapter for Associates of Clinical Research Practitioners (ACRP) in your area and attend their meetings, contact their current officers and begin to NETWORK among study coordinators. Ask your institutions IRB about who you might could talk to. If your institution provides CE training for study coordinators- attend those and start networking. Often those exist. I'm not sure I'd suggest networking with a contract research organization.

    Don't worry everyone starts somewhere and the jobs will be increasing!

    Also- consider taking some online academic courses in clinical research management- offered at many institutions now. if you have a BS- you can obtain a post-BS Certificate and that will offer you the "experience" edge and shorten your orientation a bit.