Career advice- research nursing?

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    I graduated from college in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. In the program I attended you could choose to do a BA or BS- my major focus was on research (APA format, research methods, ethics, etc..)

    My husband is a naval officer, after he commissioned we moved to Virginia and I went back to school for a nursing degree. In June I will graduate with an Associates in Registered Nursing.

    I'm about to start my last class and preceptor- this experience often times leads to our first job. During class and instructor brought up research nursing. I can see me doing this. I love research. I love writing. I even like paperwork.

    The instructor told me the school may be able to get me an internship working in nursing research. I would absolutely love this. However, I'm feeling a little torn. Would it be better for me to take a floor nursing preceptor and try to make that my first job? I'm afraid any research position I could land wouldn't pay nearly as much as I could make as a floor nurse. I have a lot of student debt. But, I feel like this research preceptor may be my big chance to get my foot in the door and do what I love.

    What is also playing into my decision is we have an option to move in 18 months so my husband can do his shore tour in California earning a masters. He agreed to do his masters here in Virginia if I found a research position so I can gain some solid experience.

    I'd just really love advice from people who work in research. Thank you.
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    Any luck figuring out what you are doing yet? I am in a similar situation. I am being offered a position at my current clinic to be their research nurse when I finish my RN. I am currently their LPN. I worry that I will miss out if I do not take a floor position or at least try to get on in an area that I like. I am 39, I may not even physically like floor nursing for that long and regret it if I give up on a research position. It is always the "what if's" that make me nervous.

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