Any clinical research nurses out there?

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    Hi all! This is my first post...just registered today! I found this BB to be very good for nurses to communicate! I was wondering tho, are there any clinical research nurses out there? None of the posts under "research nursing" really applied. I would like to see somebody in the same field respond.
    I am a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator at a University and do all types of studies.

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    Gee I could sure use your help - where can I find reviews on Australian research articles ?

    Rapley,P. (1997) Self-care: re-thinking the role of compliance. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing. 15(1) Spring 20-25

    Maclean, D. & Lo, R. (1998). The Non-Insulin Diabetic: Success and Failure in Compliance. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing. 15(4) Winter 33-42.

    I am studying the ENB 870 Introduction to Research. I guess I could put you in touch with my lecturer if you give me an email.
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    Cool! I just joined today 11/23/01 and I also think this is a great forum. I am a clinical research nurse for an oncology group. I just started in this field and I'm very excited about it. I was a staff nurse on an oncology unit for a few years prior to this and I am just thrilled to find a career path that I get to really help people with cancer and not get blood or other body fluids on me - or end up needing back surgery!
    I wake up every morning determined to both change the world and have one (heck) of a good time. This sometimes makes planning the day a little difficlut. - EB
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    Wow, finally...some other research nurses here on this topic! I check it occaisionally but it's usually people looking for help on research papers! (FYI--speaking for myself, I am not much help in that arena because I am a study coordinator, so all I do is collect data, see patients and do mounds of case report forms.)

    I am a clinical research coordinator for the University of Florida. I work in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology. Specifically, I am currently assigned to one of the largest Pediatric HIV/AIDS protocols funded by the NIH. I really love my job and would enjoy hearing more from the other research nurse coordinators.
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    Try here>>>>>>>>>>
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    I am also a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. I am presently taking a break to do some travel nursing, something I have always wanted to try. I was at a University-based Wound Healing Center coordinating clinical trials on diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers. I just left a post for you at the wound healing forum re: the purple book. I hope to get back to research in about 6 more months. I am presently on the East coast but am thinking about going somewhere else. I have been checking into the various research job sites to keep informed about what's out there. If you know of any good places to work, let me know. I can work in other areas besides wound healing. I have also been checking this forum from time to time and was waiting for it to catch on. Please spread the word at your next Investigator's meeting!
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    Wow! I haven't checked this BB in some time! Wish I had! There really are other CCRC's out there!

    We just had our local ACRP Christmas Dinner/Meeting tonight! What a great evening! Our guest speaker was the head of our IRB and we talked about Consenting /Assent of Children in Clinical Research.

    I am doing about 9 studies at the present time....
    2 in Arthritis
    1 in Sickle Cell
    1 in Obesity
    1 in Psych
    2 in Hematology
    1 in Fabry's Disease
    1 in Wound Care

    I am also on a sub-committee for the University IRB. I too LOVE my job! I have been doing research for 10 - 11 years now, and would never go back! If you are looking to relocate Sue, Washington University in St. Louis is great!
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    Out of the dust, cobwebs an innocent voice said hello, and an email arrived when I got home from the office (clinic). Yes there are research nurses out there and the world we perceive to live in our practice is being more and morse based on evidence-based care and action research.

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    I am sorry about the prevoius note. I am not very good with the computer. I wanted to ask some0ne how to post a note when it isn't a reply. Thanks, ragriffin55

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