2 questions about submitting articles to journals

  1. Hello all. I am a full-time hospital RN in critical care who finished a BSCN program a year ago. I also have a very modest side career as a writer.

    My favourite nursing journal (Neonatal Network) has a lot of articles which are not reports on new research, but rather literature reviews or educational overviews of specific conditions. I'm interested in doing some writing along those lines and submitting them for publication.

    1. Do academic nursing journals pay for the articles they print?

    2. When deciding which manuscripts to print, do they consider the writer's credentials, or judge the work on its own merits? I have no doubt that I could write an article that measures up to the literary and scientific quality of what I'm reading; but I'm not seeing any other BSCNs as authors, and I don't want to go through the work of writing an article if it won't be considered because of my educational status.


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  3. by   Fonenurse

    I review articles for a UK nursing journal. I don't know about USA journals, but the payment in the UK is often modest.

    The advice I would give is if you enjoy writing, then go for it. Your academic background is not the most important thing - your ability to write and what you write about is far more important.

    Make sure you read the instructions for authors that each journal gives. Read articles that are published by that journal so that you are familiar with their style.

    Most of all - enjoy your writing and go for it! Let us know when you are first published!