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Hi, I'm a NEWER nurse. Graduated in December. Got my first job in April and still currently working. I work in rehab. I've heard that the experience I am currently getting is not considered... Read More

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    I spent a career in rehab (20 years) and went to acute care for a year in 2010. It just wasn't that big a deal. You get better with IV starts and the pace. I prefer rehab but I had zero problems getting hired. I'm CRRN.

    Now, doing case management. Easier on the joints!

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    I'm lucky if I get a patient with an IV or a PICC line. What makes me uncomfortable is that I was told after 6 months- when I'm off probation- I'll be pulled to Med Surg floors, which is what happens to the nurses on the rehab unit. When I asked would I receive additional training to prepare for Med Surg, I was told that I wouldn't. From waht I've heard from my colleagues, the rehab nurses who are pulled to med surg always get the worse assignments- but these same nurses have prior med surg experience. So I guess if that time comes for me to be pulled, I'll be a deer in the headlight.
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    On med surg floors patients aren't as critical. I think the biggest issue would be time managment. Also, it depends on the acuity of the patients.

    I'm currently in ICU as a new grad nurse....but I'm hoping to get into rehab to just try something different.
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    I recently had an interview for a position on a med surg unit. The unit manager told me that if I were to be hired, I would be considered a new graduate since I'm coming from a rehab unit. It was discouraging to hear that, even though I had told her about the type of patients I work with and that I also get pulled twice a week to another med surg unit. It's like my experience doesn't really count. Anyway, all I can do is keep applying!

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