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    I am a new grad nurse who is interviewing at the Rehab Institute of Chicago. They job offers have been, let's just say non-existent thus far and I am definitely not in a position to turn any positions down.

    I was wondering if working in a Rehab hospital would count as experience when applying for other jobs in the future. I have read other postings about people being treated as a new grad even though they have years of rehab experience.

    Will this happen even with experience at such a renowned facility as rehab institute of chicago?

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    Hey I'm in the same boat-- I live in Michigan in a metropolitatn area that's rather saturated with smart professionals. I graduated in December, got my license in February, and have applied to over 30 jobs with no luck so far. (Well, ok, I got a call from a recruiter for prison nursing, but I decided I could not deal with that.)

    Just this morning I got a call from a rehab center for an interview, and I'm totally excited. I think whatever your first job is as a practicing RN, you will learn sooooo much. Interacting with people like we do will develop so many transferable skills.

    If you later go into acute care in a hospital, they will probably view you like a newbie, because you're not accustomed to the hospital pace. That's what I hear a lot, at least. As with so much in nursing... I just tell myself to "suck it up" and that some day.... some day... I will be at a good place in my career, with a good work-life balance, good income, feel respected & competent.... yeah.

    I would have to think very carefully before I accepted OR turned down this offer... my big worry is that I've just applied to a fantabulous new grad ER internship and am waiting to hear from them. I really hope I don't get into the bind of having to respond to the rehab center before hearing anything from the ER internship!!
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    hey jenna1234,

    is the Rehab institute of Chicago an acute care rehab facility? If so, the experience should transfer. I work at an acute care rehab facility and there are several nurses i know that worked there for a year to get experience and later received jobs in the acute care hospitals (a few in med-surg, some in tele). So yes, it's attainable after starting in rehab. Some places like to frown upon nurses with just rehab experience, but clearly, not all...
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    i agree.. i do not want to start my nursing career in a rehab unit in a hospital because I am scared it may be used against me as I do not want to stick with rehab my whole life. Is working in a rehab unit counted as acute experience, because eventually I would like to be a ER nurse.

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