Patient to nurse Ratios... the first ever rehab nurses poll - page 3

okay guys... this is the big question... actually a point of curiosity... i want to know what is the max nurse to pt ratio for you all! I max out at 12.... I usually have 1 CNA.... and yous? Be Brave! Fill it in!!! Make... Read More

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    For eve shift at our facility we ideally have 4 RN's/ LPN's (at least one RN as required for charge) and 4 Rehab Techs for 34-38 patients. Charge has a full patient load. Eves does the majority of admits with the help of a floating admission nurse and a floating secretary.

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    I work in a Rehabilitation unit that can hold 12 beds. Our typical census is around 6-8. For the NOC shift with 6 patients we can be staffed 1Rn + 1LPN/CNA for 8 patients we are staffed 1RN + 1LPN. If ever we had 12 patients it would still only call for 1RN + 1LPN.
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    I charge and at times I'll have patients. At this point, I am ready to scream. I am not only dealing with mine plus the whole floor but a fairly new nurse who is unsure of her self. I'm just ready to hang it up!!!!!!
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    Rehab unit @ SNF with 50 patients:

    7-3: 2 floor nurses + 1 unit mgr, 4 CNA
    3-11: 2 floor nurses, 4 CNA
    11-7: 1 floor nurse, 2 CNA

    No regard to LPN or RN on the floor.

    Whole facility has 200 beds, same ratio on other units (on a good day) Nursing supervisor for whole house on 3-11 and 11-7.
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    Folks, the first post & poll are from 2001 and the OP hasn't posted since 2005.
    Might be best to start a new poll/thread if you're interested in gathering up to date information.
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    I'm a new graduate nurse who just got a job at a rehab facility where I'll have up to 20 patients with help from 2 aides. Any advice?
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    I work PT in a SubAcut/Rehab facility. We have 60 beds, all private rooms - building is pretty new. The layout has 1 nursing station per floor, 3 floors. On days and evenings, we have 2 RN's per floor (just recently changed from LPNs to ALL RN's) and 3 CNA's. Nights, has 1 RN and 2 CNA's. We are almost always completely full. Lot of ortho pts (knee and hip replacements), also many post stroke patients. Also have other surgical/medical patients who just need some more recuperative time and the therapies provided. Occassionally we also do hospice care. Started on evenings, but switched to days recently - I like that better - like the wound care aspect which is pretty much all taken care of on days. There is almost always a couple admits/discharges daily in the facility - but not every assignment will have to deal with this each time. We split the admit work between the two nurses - one does the paperwork and one does the physical assessment and orientation. Some will do both aspects depending on how demanding their patient load is and how experienced they are! This is my first job since graduating and I really like it - there is variety in what I do and I have been able to use a lot of my skills - more than I originally thought as some of our patients are of a higher acuity than I expected to see here. I like the patient interaction, like seeing their progress. It's a very good first job!
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    Quote from LuPac
    I'm a new graduate nurse who just got a job at a rehab facility where I'll have up to 20 patients with help from 2 aides. Any advice?
    How is it at your facility? I am orienting and I will also have up to 20 pts with 2 cnas. I'm finding it to be chaotic - my preceptor for the first few days is very disorganized !

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