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Hello, I wanted to know if any of you rehab nurses are LPNs and what your duties are within the rehab setting. Thanks... Read More

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    I'm an LPN on an inpatient ARU. I work the 2300-0730 shift. I do the 24hr chart checks, co-sign orders along with the RN, pass oral meds, can hang IV meds on PIVs, can't do PICC or central lines (silly), patient teaching for bowel and bladder care and medication self administration etc. Documentation on all my patients including FIM scores, start discharge paperwork for patients leaving the next day, initiate and close out care plans, You name it....I do it PLUS...I give excellent patient care

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    I am an LPN, I work in a hospital. My specialty is rehab however because of low census I work where needed, Med Surg, Peds, GYN, Telemetry and sometimes stepdown. We do everything an RN does except Blood Products, IV pushes. I am IV certified to hang fluids, start IV's. We also take orders and note them ourselves as well as chart checks, taking verbal orders, ect. We do inform the Charge nurse of everthing that goes on with our pts. The RN does the initial assesment on admission. After that the LPN assesses the pt per shift. Any ?s or concerns we go to any RN on the floor et pull them in to the case. We pass meds, insert foleys, dressing changes ect, ect. However we do not charge. It's tiring but a fulfilling job.Team work is crucial and very important. :spin: When everyone pulls for each other the job isn't as hard because we know we have the support of our coworkers.
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    Quote from mel82
    I wanted to know if any of you rehab nurses are LPNs and what your duties are within the rehab setting.
    i am a new nurse and i currently work in an impatient rehab facility. we have lots of traumatic brain injuries and everyone is right, we do just as much as the RN's. we do not start blood or do IV push meds,but everything else is fair game. it has been great experience for me. good luck.
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    I am a new GPN, I take boards the 30th of this month. I have been working at my facility since 1998 with a 3 year hiatus in there. I started as an AIde, worked as a unit sec. and now LPN duties. Ours is not a long term facility (NH) like some rehab units, ours is acute with SCI, CVA, TBI, Mulititrauma-peds, adolescents, geri you name it, we get it. Anyway-I pass meds, I tech on the floor doing patient care and will eventually charge if needed once licensed. Mostly I pass meds which I really like. I love patient care but since my back surgery, showers are hard to do (I work eves) and bending a lot can be problematic (though I am really doing well). So, those are my duties! Did you want more detailed?? ( I am IV certified and so forth)

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