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by Rehabme

Cellphones at work - are they really that important? For those who cary them for emergency puposes I can kind of understand but have they ever been called? Any ideas how to keep the curse of the smartphones undercontrol? Looking... Read More

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    My manager doesn't mind that we carry our cellphones on us. She just doesn't want us to take calls in pt's rooms and we have to keep it on silent. I don't talk on my phone at work, but my phone has come in handy a few times. I downloaded Goggle translate to help me communicate with non-english speaking pts (this helps when I can't find the translator phone). The drug app, calulator, stopwatch, setting alarms for pts that want their prn pain meds the exact time it's due, & finding music to calm down anxious pts.
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    I know we are technically not allowed to have our cell phones on us, because there are people who sit in the hallway and text message while on the clock. I think I am one of the only ones besides our PA and Dr's who use their cell phone to look up drugs (I have a pocket drug guide for nurses, and clinician drug guide and an Iv drug guid on my phone.) I think it's kind of a matter of finding out who is using their phone for texting, IE: PT and CNA and OT are most likely NOT looking up drugs when theyre in a pt room
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    Omg I know! I'm so sick of this! When I first started working I kept getting these calls to the facility for this same person and thought this person must be really important! Then I realized it was this chick's boyfriend. I seriously feel like professionalism is a joke these days. Grr.