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Hi all, I'm just curious to know if anyone would ever turn down acceptance to a BSN program for an ADN in order to have your employer pay for your BSN. Ive read that many people's decisions are sometimes based on financial... Read More

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    You can't count on a hospital paying for your whole BSN program. Make sure you find out ahead of time and don't just assume. I know A LOT of ADN nurses right now having to or choosing to go back and get their BSN and most of the hospitals have a cap on their tuition reimbursement and don't pay for books, etc. Some will make you commit to working for them afterwards as well (which for some is fine, others not so).

    As a nurse, your schedule most likely isn't going to be set in stone, most weeks I know my schedule is different and trying to schedule things at times can be difficult.

    It is NOT easy IMO to go from ADN-BSN because working full time and going to class (even just one class at a time) is hard! Most of the ADN and LPNs in my BSN classes are worn out and tired from working long, hard shifts.

    So no, since your asking, I wouldn't turn down BSN over ADN unless it was just a really horrible BSN program. I think, most of the time, it is just better to get it done with and move on.

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    Would you turn down BSN for ADN??

    Yes. I just did, and for me it was the best choice.

    I made a list of the pros and cons, and the only pro for the BSN program was that I would have the BSN when I was finished (duh!).

    (I am comparing the ADN program to an accelerated program)

    The ADN program is very well respected, and luckily I was moved up from the 2008 starting date. It is much less expensive, very close to my home, and has more flexible scheduling. I will have less child care issues and will have next July and August off. I will only finish 4 months later than the accelerated program and will only have to deal with about 10 credits/semester rather than 17!

    For me, trying to juggle family with school, and not wanting to go into debt, it was the best choice.
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    There are some ADN programs that will train you to be a better nurse than some BSn programs out there. "Degree is not equivalent to eduation". Go with the better PROGRAM.
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