who is better trained(clincals) adn or bsn - page 2

i have heard conflicting stories about adn being more trained than a bsn. i thought to myself: if asn are more trained how is it that bsn are the ones who are prefered in hiring.... Read More

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    Where I live, the technical school that offers the ADN definately prepares students better in clinicals than the BSN at the university. The students in the ADN program were pretty much thrown in with the wolves in their first semester. There is no walking around with a nurse and watching like the students in the BSN program. I'm not saying that ADN nurses are better than BSNs, but they do get better prepared in my area.

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    it definately depends on the program. I had a friend in BSN, while i was in ADN. We both had two clinical days per week. I was at the same hospital on the same floor for both days. and they were only for 8 hours, not 12. My friend had one day at the hospital, and one day at a prison, or community, etc. She was a lil more afraid of performing skills than I, but i can not say that is because of her program. I know that she took more leadership and theory style classes, which you will need to take when you go for BSN. And hospitals want you to go back for your BSN. At first, i dreaded the thought, but now, im excited to further my education, while getting on the job experience. good luck homie.
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    I know in my area ADN graduates tend to have more experience with the technical skills compared to BSNs. At the end of the day, the choice between which program to get into depends on your ultimate career goals. If you plan on going back to school later on to be a NP or teach it makes sense to go for the the BSN right away.

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