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A brief vent questioning my sanity in returning to school for RN to BSN to MSN. It's been 13 years since I graduated with my ADN. If I complete this program in a timely fashion I'll be around 50... Read More

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    SNFRN, well good luck to you, we can always use good instructors!
    I had an office job for many years and felt the Nursing bug, I am great at it, but I wish I would have stayed in an office. I miss 9-5, mon through friday and I miss being treated well by co-workers lol. but now I am hooked on the RN wages! , and I can't waste those four years in school for Nursing, at least I do love my patients

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    I'm willing to bet you'll do well. I did an accelerated program, and the students who particularly seemed to excel were the middle-aged women who raised or were raising children. I was a twenty-something wondering how they always seemed so composed and prepared. I think "non-traditional" students have an upper hand b/c you've battled much more in life than a silly statistics course.
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    Good luck to you OP!! I'm going to be 50 in just a couple of weeks and am heading back for an online BSN course. I'm nervous about writing papers, working full time and doing so with a family. However, I'm taking only one class at a time, so I pray it's doable.

    I think being older and going back has its perks or at least hope it does, lol.
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    Just an update: finished the class with an 84.6 final grade . Now on to nursing leadership and management.
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    Quote from classicdame
    45 when I started ADN and then went on to get BSN then later MSN. Not sorry and you will not be either. It was actually "fun" in some respects.
    Saw your post-ok I'm fifty and want to do my MSN-have my BSN and have bee working med/surg and endoscopy for last 11 years-what MSN do I want if I want to stay at my curret hospital but as an NP-like a hospitalist, bedside. Any info would help this old nurse.!
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    About to be 24 and I just got my ADN, now about to start BSN and I should be graduating in spring 2015.. After that I will be done with school for a while!

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