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Let's keep aside the mandatory BSN by 2020...(supposedly based on a study, that come to the conclusion that something like there were 0.002% higher survival chances of MI patients if solely BSN... Read More

  1. by   ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    Quote from DNTcode
    Is BSN better nurse than Associate degree nurse?
    And if you really believe that BSN are better, what is it that makes BSN nurse better?
    Yes, a BSN nurse is a better nurse than an ADN nurse. Likewise, an MSN nurse is better than the other two.

    What makes it so? Simply that I am a holder of the MSN and I'm really quite a bad-ass nurse so it simply stands to reason that MSN nurses > BSN nurses > ADN nurses > diploma nurses.
  2. by   DNTcode
    Good for you! I am so glad you made thoughout the process and you are what you deserve to be!!! Doughhhh that is really kinda given that more paper the better. What was I thinking???. Make sense. Good logic. I am sure that you with more paper are better and better and better. Can you actually eliminate MD? I am convinced that with your paper education, you may not need them around.
    We sometimes joke that some of the docs are kinda in the way, and ask them to step aside, lol.

    I am just sorry you had to start as regular nurse and not like MSN right away. Too bad patients had to suffer through the process. What do you think, shouldn't be MSN mandatory before anyone actually starts taking care of patients? I think it is not bad idea. How can we make it happen? So you know, since MSN is better. Together with America is great again... I think we have nothing to worry. At all. Ufff.
    Now I just have to think about those losers how can they actually operate daily living without MSN...