Want to start a career in nursing, just need some general info about pre-reqs

  1. I haveBachelor's of Science in Business with a 3.68 GPA and a Master's of Science inHealth Administration with a 3.93 GPA. I have taken 4 courses at my localcommunity college (in Fall/2010-Spring/2011) that were required for the nursingprogram but are no longer required because the school revamped the curriculum.I have earned 2 A's, a B and an F in chemistry (chemistry is not a requiredcourse for the program). So I am wondering if the F in chemistry will result inme getting rejected even though it is not a required course.
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  3. by   douxmusique
    It really depends on how the school you are applying to organizes their GPA requirements. I have transfered from a school I was accepted into for bsn that only looked at the GPA from the prereqs, and not a cumulative GPA. I'm currently enrolled in a bsn program that used my cumulative GPA, which went ten years back to my first semester out of high school at the community college during my days of "eeeee no curfew!! Stay up all night! Play!". You should check out what your school requires.
  4. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Ditto the previous response.

    Some programs look only look at the pre-nursing GPA, while others want a minimum overall GPA *and* also one for the pre-nursing sequence as well. The other fly in the ointment is while there may be one minimum GPA/grade for some pre-nursing courses some programs have separate requirements for certain classes such as sciences (A&P, Micro, Chem, etc...).

    Overall GPA can mean simply your average of classes taken just at that particular school, or an average going back to every single post secondary college/university you've ever attended. Programs using the NursingCAS (Central Application System) tend to fall into the latter .

    Best thing for you to do is sit down and examine entry requirements for program or programs you are interested in attending and go from there. If you have questions about what transfers and so forth usually contacting the school's registar office and or someone in the nursing department proves helpful.