Stony Brook distance PNP summer '12

  1. Hey everyone...just wondering if anyone here has applied to Stony Brook University's distance learning Pediatric NP program for this summer '12. If so, has anyone heard any replies yet? I've been anxiously waiting and checking my e-mail compulsively. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   safrn
    I applied for the summer 2012 Psych/Mental Health NP online program and still haven't heard.f we get in we are supposed to go to orientation in a few weeks! This is getting ridiculous. I got an email from them last week after I sent an email question about the admission date that said we should know "by the end of the week" due to a large number of applicants. Well....the end of the week has come and gone. Did you hear anything?
  4. by   Izzi175
    I'm a nervous wreck waiting to hear from stony brook. I emailed the school 2Weeks ago and they said should hear something in "roughly" a week...still nothing..orientation starts May 14-16.
  5. by   safrn
    I Know!! This has been awful. I thought I was a patient person but I guess I'm not ;-) A long time ago they said we'd know by the end of March. Then at the end of March they said we should know in 2 weeks. Now it's been over 3 weeks! Last week I got an email saying we'd know by the end of last week. I emailed the administrative assistant yesterday even though I told myself I wouldn't, and asked her, if I hadn't heard yet by the end of last week did that mean I didn't get in. She answered that everyone should know in the next few days. Yikes. I have someone lined up to work for me just in case I get in, but it's almost embarrassing when people ask me if I've heard yet. It's not a good public reflection on the program. Plus i'm far enough away that I need to get a flight set up. Oh well. At this point I just want to know "in or out!" Although I'm hoping for "in" of course! What specialty did you apply for?
  6. by   Izzi175
    I applied to the PMHNP program. I am hoping to hear "in". I haven't requested the time off as of yet, trying to avoid the whole embarassing thing. I live in NY, so getting there won't entail much of a travel. Haven't checked my solar account for the day as yet but soon will. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the best. I was so temped to call/email but so far i I have resisted the urge. Their responses tend to frustrate more than help.
  7. by   safrn
    Well, no word yet. How about you? We applied to the same program... I hope we're both in! I hope we hear on Monday. (Please!!) Good luck.
  8. by   Izzi175
    Still no response. Tomorrow is exactly two weeks until orientation begins. Which is unfair to have people waiting until the last minute to know if they got into a the program. Like you I just want to hear we got in already..the suspense is nerve racking.
  9. by   safrn
    I called Student Services today. They took my name and number which I felt funny giving to them...but I feel like whatever at this point...and a woman called me back. I got the feeling they have been getting many calls. She said we will know within the next 2 WEEKS. lol. I told her (nicely) if I get in I'm supposed to be there in LESS than 2 weeks, and I have to fly since I live in NY state but as far away as you can get. She said "yes, I know, well that means you'll know sooner than some others." What? What kind of school is this? They got SO MANY applicants....well then burn the midnight oil and get some help on board and buckle down and do the job, but stop telling people that they will hear by the end of March, then change it to within 2 weeks, then change it to in 2 more days, then next it's in 2 more days, and now within 2 weeks again... when they are supposed to be there in less time than that, need to buy a plane ticket, buy a laptop, get immunization records, which for me means titres being drawn, and start classes in 3 1/2 weeks! Holy cow what is going on over there? This is the admissions department of a large university. They have never,ever gotten a large group of applicants before? Very weird. It is making them look ridiculous and like a rinky-dink operation. I know the people that wrote my letters of recc are pretty incredulous that a large well respected university is operating like this. Like I said it's embarrassing when they ask if I've heard yet. Arghhh....
  10. by   Inori
    Good luck! Ya i'm in the RN-BSN distance learning .. got my admit last week, friend is waiting for her decision and orientation is May 10 or 11 .. even the accepted peoples we still waiting to be assigned to an orientation date too. I've not had a school push things so close to the deadline but eh maybe lotsa other factors in place. *cross fingers* good luck
  11. by   cindyk123
    Hello all! I am in the same boat. Keep emailing and getting that desscions will be out soon. Ugh, I hate waiting and can't wait to know if I am accepted. I have applied for the Neonatal NP program. Glad to here I am not the only one in this situation. I am to not asking for time off until I know for sure, but glad to know that orientaion dates are the 14 to the 16. I thought they were this week coming up and I would of had a conflict at work. I am gonna go crazy if I don't know soon. This all makes me feel a little better thought I hadn't heard so I didn't get in. My hopes are high again!!
  12. by   safrn
    I got in!!! Just got the email! Good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   cindyk123
    I got in too!! Just got my email. So excited!! Good luck to all I am sure I will see you all in a little over a week!!
  14. by   cindyk123
    Has anyone recieved emails detailing orientation? I have not recieved anything as of yet and am getting flustrated. I know from the above post that oreintation starts Monday. I went ahead and made reservations and everthing, but really wouold like more details.