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    I am currently enrolled in St. Pauls school of nursing program at their Queens location. I am curious if anyone has graduated from this school and gone beyond the associates degree that they offer. I know the school is not currently NLN accredited and it worries me a bit. If you have graduated from St. Paul's, what school did you attended for your bsn. Also any input about the school or where to go after I graduate would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks!

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    I just Graduated last December and passed the Nclex, There are many options after graduating. NLN certifications isnt something to be worried about especially because the school should be certified by the time you graduate. I already got a job as a RN, and currently enrolled to start a RN to BSN online from WGU. All the colleges in NY that offer a BSN program will accept most of your credits( you will learn that during the last semester TRUST me our group did a project about it for school). But seriously you should worry about the task ahead of you right now. you have 2 years of school to worry about then worrying about whats going to happen when you graduate. Get thru school first and graduate.... your class may seem big now with over 100 students in a room but by the time you graduate only a handful will make it. GL to you =)
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    I am new to the board. I went to the informational session on 1/25/13, took the 12 minute test..passed it. Can anyone tell me what to expect from the 4 hour HESI test? I purchased the book at SPSON bursar's office... What type of math was it mostly comprised of? adding, subtracting, multiplication?
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    Congrats on graduating. I was just wondering how difficult it was to find a job post graduation, being that SPSON does not have NLN accreditation?
    Also, if it affected your pay rate
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    Hey sorry to bother you,
    I just got accepted into the program and I was wondering if you could fill me in on whatever you know about the NLN process for St. Pauls. Also, did you have a hard time finding a job and getting into a BSN program?

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    St. Paul's School of Nursing is now NLN Accredited!

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