Senior in HS. LVN, RN, Bridge program?! Help!

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    Hi! Hopefully I am posting in the correct category and that someone will be able to answer my questions. I'm a senior in high school and I would like to become an RN, however there are so many options I have no idea where to start. Keeping this short, I am not sure whether to become an LVN and do a bridge program.... or just keep it simple and find a nursing program (ASN). Things I would like to mention are: I hate prerequisites and I would LOVE to keep them to a minimum or not at all, I would like to finish in as little time as possible, I live in Southern California. Another question I have is, Is it possible to graduate high school, become an LVN, bridge program, and become an RN... and avoid prerequisites? Someone PLEASE help me out! Thanks!

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    Im not sure about the pre-req questions but I can definitely relate to not liking them!! I did an lpn program first and if you pass the entrance test ( depending on the school) you probably can skip a lot of pre req's. That is what I did... I am now in a bridge program to RN... so I cant really avoid the pre req's which sux
    good luck with ur decisions.
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    With the routes you're talking about, I do not think you can avoid prereqs. As a senior in high school, my recommendation would be to find a college/university that has a nursing major and do a traditional 4 year BSN. Everything that's a "pre-req" at other schools in built into the curriculum in these programs.

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