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RRT to RN bridge programs

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    I am looking for a RRT to RN bridge program in CA. I currently live in KCKS, and I know of the one that they have here. I was thinking of moving to CA next year, and I want to fulfill a life long dream of becoming an RN. I know that they are out there. I am usually a good researcher, but I am coming up empty. Thanks in advance for any help. I may just have to stay in KS another year. I hope that they do have some in CA. But I will stay if it means this .

    Sorry so long...:wink2:
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    Got me on that one. You might try calling around to different schools. I'm not in CA but there aren't any around my are that I know of. Your best bet might be to apply for a nursing program and see which of your credits will transfer. Good luck!
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    I live in kansas city. What schools can you bridge from RRT to RN??
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