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  1. To provide a bit of background information on myself, I am currently in the process of completing a Licensed Paramedic (Associates In Emergency Medical Services) to an Associate's Degree in Nursing (RN) bridge program at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. I am very interested in finding a program - preferably completely online - where I can complete an ADN to either BSN or MSN bridge program at my own pace.

    Of course the problems a majority of us all share are time and money. After reading several posts across this site, I have begun to wonder a few things. Some of you insist ADN's are here to stay (jobs are all over) while others have suggested ADN's are on their way out the door (no one will hire them). None the less, how difficult is it going to be for me to find a job as an RN with an ADN and Associates in EMS (Licensed Paramedic)? What I would really like to do is find a job as an ADN and then possibly have the facility I am employed with put me through a BSN or MSN program.

    Perhaps a bigger question would be to ask: What would be a "fair" salary will my certifications and experience (or lack thereof)? I would like to have a decent salary but I dont want to ask for to much and then ask they put me in school on top of it all (appear greedy). Do you bring up the schooling in an interview or wait till your hired?

    Anyone have advice as far as companies, programs, or anything else that may help? Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Congrats on making progress toward your goal.

    The harsh reality - new grads have NO negotiating power at all for salary or benefits.... for that matter, staff nurses don't either. If you are a very skilled/experience nurse with 'hard to find' skills, you might be able to negotiate, but for the most part it is limited to management positions. Most hospitals do have tuition reimbursement benefits for their employees. However, it is usually not nearly enough to cover your expenses. $1500 a year is not uncommon - srsly. You'll just have to fund it like we all did; loans &/or savings.

    My advice? Look for an inexpensive (mostly) online bridge program for that BSN. In Tx, you could go with either UT-A or the TAMU-CC eLine program.. both at in-state tuition rates. So, ~ $5000 total. I don't believe that they are 100% online, because there are clinical components that are not included in ADN programs.. but you can work with a preceptor at a location near you.

    When it comes time to look for a new grad nursing job, the only degree that is considered is your nursing degree. Doesn't matter what other degrees you have. You may get 'points' for first-responder experience IF you have enough of it, but most of it is not relevant to nursing jobs unless you are hired into an ED.