Online LPN-RN Programs?

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    First off, a little background, I have a great job with the feds that I'd prefer not to leave until I finish up the schooling required to become an RN-BC. I already have a MS in Health Systems so I'm really just looking at programs that focus on practical skills.

    That being said, what do you guys think about online LPN-RN programs? Can they actually be completed online or do you have to do an inperson practicum. Do they qualify you to take the NCLEX exam and become an RN?

    I ask because I've found an a close inperson night program for an LPN degree, but haven't been able to find a similar RN program in my area. I'm considering taking the LPN class and then get my RN online. This leads to a second question - does anyone know if these programs make you work as an LPN while finishing up the online RN?

    Thanks so much!


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    hello I am starting the process to become an lpn i have been researching alot lately so far I have come acroos Excelsior college it online lpn to rn you have to be licensed but you dont have to have any work hours at least thats what the rep told me today the school is pretty popular on here if you do a search on Excelsior call them they have no problems answering questions hope that helped good luck
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    You need clinical experience no matter what you do. No LPN or RN program is 100% online, except an RN-BSN or RN-MSN, and even then they may require some clinical time. If you are trying to get an RN, you either become an LPN and work toward the RN or you get the RN and bypass the LPN. If you have an LPN and want to do Uof Phoenix LPN-BSN you need to have 6 months of experience.
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    Has anyone attended University of Phonix LPN TO BSN program? How was it, and how long did it take you?

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