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Online ADN or BSN Programs?

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    I already have a bachelors degree in another subject, and I applied to WMU to get a 2nd bachelors in nursing and got in. I was talking with the nursing advisor and she said it would take another 4 years, because the prereqs I need aren't offered that often, which I don't want to do. She recommended I get a ADN because I could still take the N CLEX to become an RN and be in a supervisory nurse position since I have a bachelors degree. I looked at the community college that offers an ADN program in the town where my husband will be attending grad school in the fall and they have a 3 year waiting list. Does anyone know of any actual reputable online nursing progams (whether ADN or BSN) that I could take while my husband completes his masters?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    The only online, pre-licensure programs I'm aware of require you to have healthcare experience (LPN/LVN, medic, respiratory therapist). Those two programs are Excelsior and WGU(only available in Texas, Indiana and California if I'm not mistaken).

    And unfortunately, an ADN with a non-nursing bachelor's will not get you a supervisory position that an ADN alone would not get you. A non-nursing bachelor's count for little to nothing in the world of healthcare. Not ttrying to disillusion you, but those are the facts.

    What is your current degree in?