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Did any of you start your nursing career from ground zero at the age of 26 or around that age? If so, what were your feelings entering a new field late and are you happy that you did it. Sorry if im being vague but im about to... Read More

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    I am planning to enter the field at age 32. I'm currently 30 years old and have just started taking the prerequiste courses for the program. I'm in the Information Technology field and I am currently burnt out.

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    I remember 12 years ago I was listening to a radio show (Dr. Laura) and a caller called up and mentioned she wanted to go back to school at age 36 to studying nursing. The radio host was kind of dubious citing that by the time the caller was done with school she might be getting too old to do a lot of the arduous work and heavy lifting a nurse needs to do. Well I'm 36 now and still perfectly agile. I also had an Aunt who became an RN in her 40's. You should never not do things you want to do and are still able to do just because of age.
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    I started from ground zero at 40 after a career as a police officer. I don't think age is any hinderence at all in getting a job, but competency is. I plan on continuing with the education so there is no place I can't go if I want to. I think 29 is a great age to start as many younger RNs can be immature as they grow in their professions as well as themselves. Good luck!
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    i started my nursing career when i was 22 dont worry about it bro your still young i have a aunt who is now 65 and still works as a nurse
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    do you know any legit agency for rn's?

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