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Hello I wanted to know if anyone was thinking about attending the 2018 NJCU cohort for nursing in September 2018? Also has anyone graduated or currently in? I have one last prereq to do which is... Read More

  1. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata that is what I am taking too . We are suppose to take the Hesi before 2/28/2018. I am waiting until mid February so all my focus can be on studying for the Hesi after Microbiology is done. I know it's like 2 months of studying but I want to Ace the Hesi because getting below the 80% mark is not an option. When do you think you may register to take it? And how are you doing in Micro?
  2. by   Uniquezapata
    @dianaju I was thinking about doing the same but was wondering if I should try the first time and if I don't get a high grade maybe I'll have another chance to take it again(not sure was the grace period between each time we take test). & as far as microbiology my teacher moves real slow we only took one test which I got an 86 and just have hw & labs which I've done all. How about yourself?
  3. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata you only have one try on taking the Hesi. If you get below an 80 you have to wait the next year when applications open up again, which is dreadful. Yea my Microbiology isn't bad either just a lot of reading and rereading.
  4. by   Uniquezapata
    Oh wow that sucks! I'll definitely wait til the end of the semester then to take the Hesi..are you only applying to NJCU? And do you know how the schedule looks like by any chance I wish they would post a sample so people can get an idea. @dianaju
  5. by   Dianaju
    @Uniquezapata yea it does suck so I am going to study right after the semester for 2 months, because I have to score above the 80% mark. I purchased the Elsevier review book 3rd and 4th edition to start studying. After reading some of the reviews on here I saw that a supplement is needed for the Bio and A&P sections since it is not detailed in the Elsevier book, so I purchased the Trivium test prep. NJCU is the only school I am applying at this time because the other surrounding schools require more pre-reqs that I did not take. and it is cheaper with a shorter amount of time to finish. What I have been reading on the forum it looks like M-F 8am-4pm classes are 3 days a week with 2 day clinicals it looks like clinical days can be anywhere from 7am-1pm or 8am-1pm. You might get more insight when you go to the information session next week
  6. by   Uniquezapata
    Ok thank you so much @dianaju I'll let you know of any information I get from the info session.