my ADN experience as compared to BSN

  1. I am pasting a comment I made to another user so that more people can see it. This comment was in response to a poster saying ADNs learn bedside nursing while BSN learns management...
    Quote from Sirius Squint
    All ADN programs are different. My ADN program included Professional Issues in Nursing both years, in which we learned leadership and management. Our last clinical was heavily focused on leadership and management where we each were "charge nurse". We assigned patients, delegated and acted as the role of our clinical instructor. Throughout our entire program, we learned research and wrote numerous research papers. We did numerous case studies in management and worked on resumes and portfolios. I am starting my ADN to BSN this coming Spring semester at NIU, and I have read all the course descriptions. All topics of which we already completed in our ADN program.
    Im irritated that I have to complete 9 more nursing courses in order to get my BSN when I have already learned what is being taught in those classes. Luckily, I completed all gen ed and university requirements years before I even entered nursing. So I am jusucking it up, and taking the year its going to take to get my BSN. My point was just that our ADN program had a huge focus on leadership, management and research.
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