MSN- DE in 14 months or BSN in 3 years?

  1. Ok, this may sound like a silly question. But I currently work full time as a trainer with a private practice group. I have a B.A. and a M.S. and I am now wanting to enter the nursing field. I have two options for this:

    -Option One- Do a BSN program as a transfer student during the nights and weekends and continue working full time. This will allow to pay my mortgage, keep health insurance, etc. But this way will take me three years (approx) to complete. This school requires a ton of "extra" classes like religion, etc.

    -Option Two- Do a direct entry MSN program and after 16 months I could take the NCLEX and start working. I would have to take out loans obviously to pay the bills during this time and I'm not sure about the health insurance option. This program is a CNL program and I'm aware that this role is not yet clearly defined and I'll start off pay as the same as a BSN or ADN.

    What would you suggest??
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  3. by   arciedee
    Honestly I think you've got two really good options available to you. The best choice is probably the one that you are most comfortable with in terms of both finances and studying (balancing lecture/clinical/study time with work).

    I did the direct-entry CNL route and I have to say that I really appreciated being able to focus entirely on nursing rather than trying to balance school and work (although now that I am an RN I am going to have to balance it for the remaining portion of my program). The student loans I was able to get as a grad student allowed me to keep my home. That being said, it has been tight financially and now I have to pay back those loans. I'm very happy with my education, though, and feel that it's a worthwhile debt to carry.
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    Thanks for the response! I'm glad to know you felt the CNL was worth while. It just makes me nervous to be living off loans...
  5. by   MemphisTiger
    Does anyone else have any experience with living off loans?