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Hi friends out in nursing land... I just joined to see if anyone might read my insane tale of nursing woe and have some seasoned advice... I'm a 2011 BSN graduate who held out for his dream position and eventually found it. I... Read More

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    There are things far worst in life,
    If we made through Nursing School and passed our board exam, means that we can make it through out there !

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    Quote from NewNurse212
    ...I was to foolish to have not worked right away after I finished my college degree nursing cause I wanted to concentrate in passing my licence exam which I did, than I right away started my first year of BSN...
    Do not be hard on yourself NewNurse, I did the opposite, I waited to start my BSN, because I wanted to start working right away and wanted time to really get to know my new unit well in my new job.... well guess what? It has been a year since I passed my boards and still no job I will be starting my BSN in the fall after a year of no work. I will be in the same boat as you, I have lost my skills, I think if you ask me to do a head to toe right now, I will miss something.

    Your idea of watching youtube videos is great, however, for me, nothing beats hands on experience. I am about to accept a job offer that has nothing to do with nursing only because I cannot wait any longer to be without a job, I even put an application to work for Starbucks. It is so disappointing for me because I worked so hard for this degree, I followed my heart and my passion. I see some of my classmates with no medical experience get hired as new graduates, while I, who has experience in patient care cannot get in the door. So I am hoping that once I get my BSN, by that time things will have changed. I will probably have to take one of those Med-Surge review courses and hope not too old to start being a nurse.

    Best of luck to you and the OP, things are tough, but we must continue to look forward, forward forward! We all face challenges, but it is how we work through them that we know how special and strong we are.

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