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I have been an RN since 2008. I've held one paying RN job. However, because my spouse is military, I've tried getting jobs at Military hospitals and the VA. I finally got a job offer at a VA and then they told me my school wasn't... Read More

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    Thanks for your advice. I did take the NCLEX 2009, licensed in VA and FL. And worked 18 months in Med Surge and volunteered part time at a children's clinic. I know I can work at civilian hospitals, but being that we're ALWAYS moving, it isn't always practical to get my license everywhere we go. So the most practical thing, I thought, was to work @ on post hospital or the VA; because they would allow me job transferability. I was banking on the easy portability when I married my active duty spouse shortly before finishing RN school. When I heard that my program was accredited with the state BON during orientation, I didn't worry about it anymore. National accreditation wasn't on my radar. Little did I know then that the government only recognizes two accrediting bodies, and that regional accreditation wont cut it. But like a previous poster said, " Hindsight is 20/20"
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    Since you've passed the NCLEX and have an active license in two states, I think it's a hefty exaggeration to ask if your education is worthless. Clearly if you've been licensed in two states, were hired as an RN, and have worked for over a year and half, your education is not worthless.

    ONE facility would not accept you because you didn't graduate from an accredited school. That's hardly a representation of the majority opinion here. While it might be ideal for you to work in a military hospital, your current location might not be an option right now. If that's the case then I would work in a civilian hospital for now and when you move to your next location, apply in the military system again.

    As for whether you or not you can get your BSN, that will depend on the school that you apply to. Since there are many unaccredited programs, I'm sure there are some schools somewhere that will accept you.
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    Take two years and re-attend nursing school. Look at the bright side: you will have an edge and probably get recommended by the instructors for a hospital jobs. Just to clue you in, many of the students are medical professionals from abroad and they are the ones hospitals eventually hire.
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    It's a shame that theses schools allowed to stay open. Maybe our profession should be doing better policing and regulate them out of existence. I wish Allnurses would make a permanent banner to serve as a warning to potential RN students. Meanwhile, just start taking courses, even if it's one at a time to get the general courses under your belt.
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