Hand Delivering Resume and Cover Letter to Hiring Managers too Pushy?

  1. I'm a new graduate nurse and as all of you know the job market is horrible for us new grads. I have heard that some new grads hand deliver their resume and cover letter to the hiring manager. Most of those whom i heard did this were hired on the spot. Does this come off as too pushy to managers? I am planning on doing this regardless as I'm tired of seeing my resume being sent into a black hole and never called or emailed back. I just wanted to hear everyone's opinion.Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Angels91084
    First of all congrats on pasing the boards! I am a new grad as well that just started my first job 2 weeks ago. I believe that just showing up would be pushy. You don't know what the manager has planned for the day and she may not have time to talk to you. Also, so units are closed units like mine. We would never just let someone thats isnt supposed to be there come onto the unit for patient safety reasons. But I would strongly urge you to reach out to anyone you already know in the field ans ask them to ask around if any floors are hiring. Send them your resume and they can tell their manager. Networking is key to getting a job in today's market, especially for a new grad with new experience. Good luck in your search and hopefully you lasnd something soon.
  4. by   kayak007
    Most of the folks who graduated from my nursing class within the past six months obtained jobs in hospitals/nursing homes almost immediately because they were certified nursing assistants first at the hospital that hired them or they extensively networked while they were in nursing school. I don't think anyone I went to school with was that aggressive in their job approach. My friend got a job in a nursing home, quit, and then got a job in an adult day care facility, which was her first choice. My friend used to work for a large financial company as a computer programmer. Not only is she working as a nurse in a position and place that she enjoys, she has other skills to offer and utilize, such as creating a database for her employer.

    Try and get as many contacts as you can. Find out the names of contact people in hospital and attempt to connect within LinkedIn. Let people see how you work.

    Good luck