Going back to school. Any writing advice? Going back to school. Any writing advice? | allnurses

Going back to school. Any writing advice?

  1. 0 I have not written a paper in 20 some years. I used to be pretty good, but that was back then.
    I heard that I will be writing in APA style and saw another post on PERRLA (sp). What else do I need to know? Any other online sites that I could read or study? I don't know what kind of papers I will be writing. The program is RN-BSN.

    I do know one thing. Paper writing will have to be easier. I have a computer, not a typewriter. Google will be my friend. Not sitting in libraries reading book upon book.

    Writing apps...

    Not having to use white out.

    Spell check, lol.
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    I used the Purdue Online Writing Lab's APA Formatting/Style Guide all the time in school. You may find it helpful as well: Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide
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    Thanks. I will take a peek. I'm nervous about proper placement heading, etc. I guess I need to read about APA.