Feeling Frustrated: please, please, help

  1. or just listen..

    I am 26.

    I don't know what to choose. I have already applied to a 4 yr. BSN program. This was the plan: take as many classes as possible here, in my city, at a University, and then transfer to a Community College (2 year RN ) 2 hours from me, so I can finish school, and get my ASN in 2 years. It will be very hard! I will lose my FT job, not see my husband for days, and somehow have to survive without a job. Plus the cost of staying in another city, gas, food, getting a room at a motel everyday, or even moving there alltogether, to finish school. I don't wanna move, because my husband is here, my home, friends, job, everything. Second route: Go to a Technical College here, which offers LPN program (Associates). It is a 2 year program, I will be able to keep my job, stay at home, etc. But it's not RN, which is my ultimate goal.

    I am so TORN! I don't know what to do. I am lost. One moment I think, you want RN - do whatever it takes to get it. Another moment, I think, I really cannot just move to another city, leaving everything behind. How am I going to do w/o my hubby? w/o a job? w/o a home?

    Choose the RN route? Or do LPN, and later do RN?

    any thoughts? I really need some friendly advice, please. I just cannot stop thinking about different options, and making myself crazy....
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  3. by   maryloufu
    I have a friend who was in RN school with me. Her husband got a promotion and had to move 4 hours away from her in her last year. Long story short it was very hard on her - Her marriage nearly fell apart, I have been an RN for nearly a year now and she is still in school. Do you need his moral support? Can you finish your RN online- maybe once you get a job the place you work for will even offer back to school assistance. Good Luck with this tough decision.
  4. by   FinNurse
    I had to make a samekind of decisission..Now my wife and friends are about 700km away from me. I worried about our relationship too at first, but hey, if everything`s ok, IT`ll LAST. The money issue is another issue, but more easily solved than feelings, if you really wanna do it.
    And if you really want to become a RN, please do it. As time goes by, nothing is more stresfull than regret things that you didn`t do. And i`m thinking your husbands best too, i guess his life would be easier if wife is happy

    PS. Sorry my English
  5. by   MrChicagoRN
    Sometimes we need to make hard choices.

    As an adult with a family to support, making a career change, I had to look at all my options.

    For me , this was to get what co-req's I could out of the way, and then work part-time. I chose a diploma program, as it was the shortest intense program, and would give me solid clinical skills (in early 80's) .

    I wish I could have just done a straight BSN program at that time, & be done with it, but that wasn't realistic at the time. So, I chose the best available option.

    Can you do distant learning, online course? Find a school where you just have to go to clinicals one week per month or whatever?
    Compressed schedule, so all your classes are on one or two days?

    Work PT?

    Find some nice old lady willing to rent you a sleeping room when you come to town?

    Take a look at BSN entry programs? If there is a program theat is less disruptive to your life, it might be worth it to take an extra year or so if you can still keep working longer, be at home more, etc

    Good Luck
  6. by   FinderKeeper
    WEll, I have decided to just start it, without overthinking. I signed up for Bilogy, Chemistry, Composition this summer.

    I am hoping evertyhning will work out......
  7. by   gr8rnpjt
    Why not you and hubby move half way in between?