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I am in nursing school and will receive my ADN. I do however already have a BSN in another field of study and was told by my nursing director that I could use that BSN and study to get my Masters Degree in Nursing. Is this true... Read More

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    I am just completing my first term for the ADN program. Is it possible that I could have started a nursing program under the MSN degree from the beginning with no prior nursing education or experience?
    Yes, if there is a "Master's level entry program" near you. However, not all schools offer all options. There are some that offer people with BS's in other fields to start nursing school at the graduate level. You would have to explore the options offered by the schools in your area -- or do a nationwide search and be willing to move to where the program of your choice is located.
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    I have talked to a University today about a MSN program and they did confirm that I could enter that MSN program with my Bachelors in another field as long as I have my RN. Thank you for the help and advice again.
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    Have you looked into the online school Excelsior? They have a MSN program for people with a Bachelors but you must be a RN too. I'm not sure how long the program is for though.
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    I am a RN with a non-nursing BS degree, I'm so confused about whether to go back and get my BSN or try the MSN. Has anyone gone through or is thinking about The University of Loyola, New Orleans on-line MSN program?

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